Acreage Lawn Mowing

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What is acreage lawn mowing? Or sometimes referred to as acreage mowing.

It is exactly what it sounds like, a mowing job requiring multiple acres being mowed.  It is a large job, and it requires specialize equipment,   Why?  Have you ever tried to mow an acre with a push mower?  An acre is approximately the size of a football field without the end zones.  Imagine how long it would take to mow a football field with a push mower.  Now imagine how long it would take to mow five football fields, which is the average size of most acreage lawn mowing jobs.

This is clearly a job for a tractor mowing equipment, and once that truth is established it becomes obvious that you need tractor mowing services by the professionals like Keith Tractor Mowing in Fort Worth.  You can contact us at Keith’s if you have more questions after you read this article.

How long does acreage lawn mowing take?

We use a Toro 5910 for our acreage lawn mowing.  It can mow up to seventeen acres in an hour under ideal conditions, provided we are simply talking about unimpeded lawn or smooth field. It is our experience that most acreage lawn mowing jobs can be completed in one hour.

This is different from brush mowing services, also known as brush hogging services or field mowing services.  Brush mowing requires different equipment, and it also requires a more intricate job done. Thus is takes longer to complete.  Whereas seventeen acres of lawn might be mowed in an hour using a Toto 5910, brush hogging using a John Deere 4320 might clear five acres of brush in the same hour.  Uneven ground and safety concerns are usually the main reasons for this slow cut.

Demand insurance from your acreage lawn mowing company

One thing which is often overlooked is generaly liability insurance.  Most reputable acreage mowing companies carry general liability insurance. We carry $1,000,000 GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE  to protect our customers from any mishap during our services.  If you need to hire an acreage mowing company, insist upon that insurance to you know you will be protected.

What does acreage lawn mowing cost?

It is impossible to say without certain information.  The market is different in every community.  Prices will vary depending upon that market.  Usually the job quote is based on a per hour basis, and usually a one hour minimum is required.  If we were to roughly answer this question, we would say plan on paying between $35-$50 per hour, but again this depends on the area you reside in.

Our suggestion: Get several quotes for your job, and after you receive those quotes check references from previous clients for those companies.  You might spend an hour on the phone chasing down references, but that one hour will save you headaches and money down the road of life. The bottom line: acreage lawn mowing is a big job requiring specialize equipment and specialized skills, so take your time in hiring a company to do your job.

And contact us if you have questions. Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name in the Fort Worth, Texas area.  We will not steer you wrong, and if we can save you money and/or aggravation, that’s all great!