Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement Mowing

There are three things to understand regarding our code enforcement services:

One, we work closely with local municipal code enforcement officers to keep your property mowed properly.

Two, we can respond within 24 hours for citations of improperly mowed grass.

And Three, we have the equipment necessary to bring any property up to code in short order.

Let’s cover each of these points.

Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service covers an area within seventy-five miles of Fort Worth. That means we cover Arlington, we cover Grapevine, we cover Kennedale, and we cover Haltom City, Saginaw, and Irving. All told there are probably twenty or more government agencies we work with during a normal work week, and each of those government agencies has their own codes with regards to grass mowing. Not only that, but those codes can change during a year, so working closely with code enforcement officers is crucial so that our customers are upholding those codes and in compliance. Just reading and understanding those codes is a complex undertaking for most business owners, so we take that hassle off the board for you.

We do that and we do that well.

24-hour service on code citations and violations? Show us another company that can make that claim, and back it up with reliability, and we’ll give that company a standing ovation. You call us up, tell us you’ve been served with a citation, and within one work day we will be there to handle the problem and get you up-to-code. For any business time is money, and that kind of response time can mean the difference between paying a hefty fine and not paying, and that is money in your bank.

Finally, none of this would be possible without the proper equipment to make it all work. For the majority of these jobs we use the TORO 5910, the industry leader in quality cutting. The TORO can mow 100 acres per day with a 16-foot cutting width. It can mow closely around trees and other obstacles, and it can turn 180 degrees without uncut grass in its wake. No other industrial mower can make those claims, and those claims guarantee a close cut in accordance with any municipal code.

Those three claims add up to this: If you find yourself with a code enforcement, and delay in responding to a citation can mean a hefty fine, Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service should be the first phone call you make.

Keith Sturgeon has been a member of the Fort Worth business community for over twenty years and has built a reputation upon his friendly service and attention to detail. The success of his business is predicated upon his ability to work well with a wide variety of governmental agencies, and his track record suggests that he does his job well.

Isn’t that the type of person you want in your corner if you find yourself with a code enforcement problem?

Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service . . . the right company when precision is what you seek.