Airport Grounds

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Airport Grounds

“As a pilot and living in an airport community, I have a full understanding of what is needed to mow airport grounds. Knowledge of right-of-ways, incoming air traffic and runway lighting is essential in mowing the grounds of an airport.” Keith Sturgeon, Owner.

You have the choice between two commercial tractor mowing services to mow at your airport. One is well-established with a track record of mowing around municipal buildings downtown, and also has extensive experience with school grounds. The other company is owned and operated by a licensed pilot who lives in an airport community and who has dealt with airport personnel for many years.

Which acreage mowing service are you likely to hire?

The choice is so very obvious!

Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Services is owned and operated by Keith Sturgeon, a man who has built his reputation upon traits like reliability and trustworthiness. For twenty years Sturgeon has owned businesses in the Fort Worth area, and that kind of track record is worth considering when choosing a commercial tractor mower. He understands airports. He understands important issues which come with the airport package, and he understands that time is money. Delays cannot happen when mowing at airports. Country and city codes must be upheld and guidelines strictly followed. These are jobs which call for the best commercial lawn mowing service, and that is Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Services.

Airport mowing contracts call for the best tractor mowing equipment, and that is why Keith Sturgeon relies almost exclusively on the TORO 5910. Capable of mowing 100 acres in a day, the TORO features 180 degree turn-on-a-dime capabilities leaving no grass uncut. It is capable of mowing around runway lights and other structures near the runway with ease, and it is the best commercial mower for short grass and a Tudor Mansion appearance.

“Air traffic controllers have enough problems just keeping the air traffic organized and flying smoothly,” says Sturgeon. “They certainly don’t need to be worrying about tractor mowing on the ground. We offer a worry-free service, and we offer it at competitive prices.”

Competitive but not the cheapest, and that is an important point to mention. You pay for quality. If you want the job done correctly the first time, and time and time again after that, then you don’t shop for price . . . you shop for professionalism. That’s what Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Services guarantees: professionalism at competitive prices. One-million dollars in liability insurance guarantees that you have no worries when contracting with Keith’s.

So let’s summarize: a tractor mowing company owned and operated by a licensed pilot with airport-mowing knowledge and experience; an established business leader with twenty years of experience in the Fort Worth area; the best equipment used; and the confidence in knowing that your airport job is being done by the very best.

Add it all up and the choice becomes obvious, the same choice made by airports for many years in the Fort Worth area: Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Services in Fort Worth.