Brush Hogging Services

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Brush Hogging Services

To put it simply, brush hogging services are nothing more than grass-cutting and shrub-cutting services using a large device known as a brush hog.

What is a brush hog?

A brush hog is a large “trailing” device which attaches to a tractor by means of a hitch.  It has rotary blades which can spin at speeds up to 150 miles per hour, and those blades are quite heavy and made of reinforced steel so they can withstand the beating they take as they travel over rocks, stumps, and other natural obstacles.  The blades actually “bounce” over obstacles like rocks, returning to their pre-set height so they can continue “mowing” the vegetation.

Needless to say, blades which travel at 150 miles per hour are quite capable of hurling objects like rocks when they come in contact with them. They are also quite dangerous should you come in contact with them, so hiring a brush hogging company to handle that type of land clearing is mandatory.  Amateurs and part-time gardeners should never undertake a brush hogging job, even though brush hog machines are available through certain companies for rental.  Paying for the field mowing services from a company which has field mowing equipment and is licensed to use it is easily your best bet.

What does brush hogging cost?

This is an important point to pay attention to.  Brush hogging services are almost always a type of acreage mowing.  That means they are large jobs over uneven ground, ground which often has obstacles and/or structures which can impeded the cut.  Companies which give a job price quote without seeing the land in question should be avoided. Each job is different.  Each will require a thorough inspection  so that an accurate cost estimate can be given.

Some companies charge by the hour.   Some companies charge by the job.  Some include travel to the job site; some do not charge for travel.  There are so many factors to consider when discussing the cost of field mowing services, factors like how many acres can the operator mow in an hour? Five? Four?  Factors like reliability and character and job satisfaction.

How to hire brush hogging services

Ask around! Ask for references!  Do not hire a brush hogging service simply by doing a Google search.  There is too much possibility of damage being done to just randomly pick a commercial tractor mowing services company.  Do your due diligence and find out who comes highly recommended for this difficult and expensive task, and only when you are satisfied with the recommendations should you hire a company to do your brush hogging.

Questions?  You can give us a call at Keith’s Tractor Mowing. Our number is (817) 991-4318, and we have been doing brush hogging in the Fort Worth, Texas area for a number of years.  Any question you have about acreage mowing, tractor mowing services, or tractor mowing equipment, we should be able to answer for you.

Remember, brush hogging services require highly trained companies.  Choose wisely before signing a contract.