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Municipal, County, State

We provide tractor mowing services for water treatment facilities, parks, recreational venues, right-of-ways, pipelines, channels, railroads, and military sites.   We would not be able to do so, and to obtain those contracts, without strict adherence to city and country codes.

We at Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service work closely with local clerks to ensure that the job we provide for you meet all standards and regulations. It is our friendly customer service and our outstanding quality of work which keeps us in business, and it is our commitment to continue to provide that type of service to each of our customers.

Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service is owned and operated by Keith Sturgeon, a life-long resident of Fort Worth and successful member of the Fort Worth business community for more than twenty years. The name “Sturgeon” is synonymous in Fort Worth with quality and trustworthiness, and that explains how Keith has been able to continually garner contracts with government agencies throughout the Greater Fort Worth area.

There are many commercial mowers in the Fort Worth Metroplex, all with a knowledge of acreage mowing. They all know how to cut grass. They all have good, reliable equipment, and they all the finer points of land clearing. But few understand the guidelines for doing governments jobs in each municipality, and fewer still understand the intricacies of doing a job within a reasonable time frame while still following each and every municipal code.

And those codes change with each municipality. Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service offers service anywhere within a 75 mile radius of Fort Worth, meaning Saginaw, Kennedale, Grapevine, Haltom City, Arlington . . . all of Tarrant County . . . and each of those cities and towns have different policies with regards to land clearing and commercial grass cutting. In other words, tractor mowing for a park in Saginaw requires specialized knowledge as does right-of-way cutting in Grapevine as does a railroad in the Alliance area.

And yet we have secured the trust in all of those areas to do the specific tractor mowing jobs they need done.

That kind of trust does not happen overnight, and it is not a random occurrence.

Most municipal mowing jobs require specific equipment which can be trusted to do the job in a professional manner, and at Keith’s we rely on the TORO 5910 to do the job. Just some of the advantages of the TORO are:

  • Best suited for grass lower than knee high
  • Idea for regular mowing jobs
  • Can mow 17 acres an hours and 100+ acres per day
  • 16 foot cutting width
  • Perfect to mow municipal parks & sports complex
  • Mow closely around trees & other obstacles
  • Can turn 180 degrees without uncut grass

In other words, our equipment does a neat, professional job quickly so that the area mowed can be used as soon as possible with no lengthy delays, an important consideration when mowing any governmental piece of property.

Add it all up and you can only come to one conclusion:   For the absolute best in tractor mowing for local government jobs, Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service is the name to remember.