Field Mowing Services

What should you expect from field mowing services?

You’ll know it when you see a completed field.

In other words, the proof is in the pudding with acreage mowing.

Field mowing service is not two guys pushing lawn mowers.  Commercial tractor mowing services require the right equipment to handle the big jobs, and handle them in a timely manner.

Hire the experts

What’s the big deal, most people would ask.  Mow an acre or more?  Mowing is mowing, right?  It might take a bit longer, but it’s still blades cutting grass and other things.  This isn’t rocket science, right?

No, it is not rocket science, but then again it is not quite as simple as pushing a mower across a lawn.  First of all, fields are generally uneven ground.  Uneven ground means it is very difficult to obtain an even cut across the entire field.  What generally happens, when dealing with amateurs, is that patches of the field will look like it wasn’t even cut, while other parts will look fine and yet other areas will be shaven down to the nub.  It will look quite amateurish because, well, it was done by amateurs.

An experienced field mowing service, with tractor mowing equipment, has expertise in such matters.  You end up with conformity in your field cut when you hire experts in that field.

But hiring experts costs more?

Really?  Let’s go back to those two guys with mowers, and let’s say you have two acres for them to mow.  If they are smart they will charge you by the hour, because two acres, mowed with Toro lawnmowers, will take a solid day, or two, to complete.  Let’s say you are paying them both twelve bucks an hour . . . that’s about a $400 job and then it won’t be done well.

With a professional field mowing company, you are quoted by a job rate.  Proper equipment is used.  The job is done faster, and the results are measurable and acceptable.

And don’t forget liability matters

The possibility of something being damaged, or someone being hurt, while amateurs cut a field, is high.  Who is going to pay for that damage, or that injury?  A professional field mowing company carries liability insurance. They are covered in the event of an injury, and you are covered in the event of damage done to your property.  Look for a company which carries at least $1 million general liability insurance.  That way you know you are covered in all situations.

Bottom line: leave amateurish work to the amateurs.  Go with a bonded, licensed field mowing company.  You might be tempted to take the easy way out, or what you perceive to be the cheapest way out, and hire amateurs, but you will be sorry you did when the job is completed.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Trusted in and around the Fort Worth area, Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a reputable and safe option for field mowing services.  No job one acre or more is too large nor too difficult, and that is experience backing up that statement.  Call (817) 991-4318 for information and rates.