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Citation mowing, also known as code enforcement mowing, calls for specialized skills with specialized equipment.  Since the owner of a property faces stiff fines if the mowing is not completed properly, it is important that a skilled, professional acreage mowing company be hired to handle the task, a company like ours, Keith’s Tractor Mowing.  Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of citation mowing, and if you have questions you can call Keith’s at (817) 991-4318.

There are three things to consider regarding citation mowing:

  1. One, the mowing company must work closely with local municipal code enforcement officers to keep your property mowed properly.
  2. Two, response time should be within 24 hours to prevent fines from being levied..
  3. And Three, the proper equipment necessary to bring any property up to code in short order should be used.

Let’s look at each of these as it applies to your situation.

Working closely with municipal code enforcement officers

This is not the time to hire just any mowing service.  When facing a citation you will want to hire a mowing company which has a close relationship with the city or community officers.  This type of mowing calls for a knowledge of local codes.  It calls for experience in dealing with those folks, and experience in mowing according to standards.

Think about it: you are basically hiring a company and trusting that they will do a good enough job to prevent you from being fined.  You do not know this mowing company.  You know nothing about their knowledge of local codes.  Will they do a proper job? If they don’t, you will be fined.

Check references! Make sure the company you are hiring has a solid reputation in dealing with the community enforcement officers.

Quick response time

Twenty-four hours is the standard most communities deal with, and an experienced citation mowing company will know that and comply with it.  Do not settle for a company telling you they can handle your mowing job in five days.  You do not have five days.  One you have received a citation, the clock is ticking, and speed is of the essence. Shop around until you find an acreage mowing company which understands that.

Proper equipment is a must

Citation mowing is not a job for three guys pushing Toros around your acreage.  Citation mowing calls for precise mowing which meets precise standards.  Besides, speed is of the essence.  Proper mowing equipment will cut a wide swath, thus shortening the time of a mowing assignment.  If the proper mowing equipment is used, a citation mowing job can be measured in hours; improper equipment means the job is measured in days.

The bottom line is this: citation mowing requires instant response and precise execution.  Find a commercial tractor mowing company which can promise that to you.  Ask for references.  Make sure you are hiring the right company for the job.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

No job is too large for Keith’s Tractor Mowing.  No citation mowing job is too difficult.  In the Fort Worth area, Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the name folks rely upon for quality acreage mowing.