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Toro 5910

toro 5910 for acreage mowing

John Deere 4320

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Tractor Mowing Equipment For Your Job


Equipment For Field Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing has the right equipment for your mowing needs. One tractor will not fit all mowing needs. We use the Toro 5910 and John Deere 4320. Each tractor is better in certain situations.

The Toro 5910 is best used on grass that is less than knee high. The John Deere 4320 is better utilized on large acreage that is over knee high tall.

We mow one time, bi monthly, single jobs and annual contracts. Call or email for a quote.


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TORO 5910

  • Best suited for grass lower than knee high
  • Idea for regular mowing jobs
  • Can mow 17 acres an hours and 100+ acres per day
  • 16 foot cutting width
  • Perfect to mow municipal parks & sports complex
  • Mow closely around trees & other obstacles with 0 trim
  • Climate controlled cab for mowing year round
  • Can turn 180 degrees without uncut grass
pasture shredding


  • Best suited to mow grass over knee high
  • Rough mowing or fine mowing
  • Skid steer to move dirt & rock piles
  • Bush hog for mowing thick brush & vegetation
  • Tough enough for single jobs or once a year mowing
  • 12 gears for wide range of motion when mowing fields