Acreage Mowing Requires Experience

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The thing many people don’t understand about acreage mowing is that it requires experience, and that experience is multi-natured.  Mowing a twenty-acre pasture in pasture mowing service, a perpendicular space which is level, is pretty basic stuff. But what if you are called upon to mow a cemetery, or what if you are called upon to do oilfield site mowing, or mowing for the city.  Do you know how to write a bid for those jobs? Do you have the proper equipment to do all of those different jobs? Do you have experience in working with city officials?

Let’s look at each of these issues to you have a better understanding about acreage mowing.  If you have questions you can always contact Keith’s Tractor Mowing at (817) 991-4318. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about acreage mowing.

Different types of acreage mowing

Consider that acreage mowing can consist of any of the following:

field mowing services, right of way mowing, church mowing, oilfield sites, pasture, code enforcement or citation mowing, HOA services, cemetery mowing.

Many of those require expertise, the type of expertise which can only come from hard-earned experience.

Bidding for jobs

Simple jobs are bid upon based on the amount of time it takes to complete the job, plus the time it takes to transport equipment, plus any special requirements which must be met.  Simple field mowing can be done quickly.  Oilfield mowing, or following regulations in right of way mowing or HOA mowing takes much longer; acreage mowing is a competitive field, and knowing how to properly bid for any job is crucial to your survival in this line of work.

Types of equipment

At Keith’s Tractor Mowing we use two basic tractors which are capable of doing most jobs we bid on:  we use the TORO 5910 for grass and simple field mowing, and we use the John Deere 4320 for rough mowing.  Do you have similar equipment? It is not cheap? Can you afford to rent such equipment until you can afford to purchase it?  And if you are hiring an acreage mowing service, make sure they have similar equipment so they can get your job done quickly.

Experience working with city officials

City contracts i.e. right of way mowing requires not only the ability to follow specific mowing guidelines, but also the ability to schmooze and work closely with the government officials who will determine whether you ever obtain a bid.  This calls for public relations skills. Do you have them?  Do you have the ability to make contacts, maintain contacts, and curry new contacts?  Your livelihood will depend upon it.

And one final note: having at least $1,000,000 general liability insurance is a must. Accidents happen; insurance protects you against those accidents. Without it you could easily be sued out of business.

That is a general outline regarding acreage mowing and what you need to survive and thrive in the industry.  We invite you to contact Keith’s Tractor Mowing if you have any questions. We are the voice of experience in the Fort Worth area.