Choosing A Citation Mowing Company

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There are quite a few citation mowing companies, or code enforcement mowing companies, to choose from in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County area.  It is not our job, nor is it our purpose, to give our opinion on which of those companies are good and which should be avoided. All we are going to say is buyer beware, because there is an inherent problem when hiring quality commercial mowing services to handle citation mowing, a problem most homeowners and property owners are not aware of.

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The main problem with citation mowing jobs

Citation mowing, often referred to as code enforcement mowing, can best be described as mowing which is demanded by some municipality.  In other words, your property does not meet certain standards in the city or town you are located in. This may simply be a high-grass situation.  It may be something to do with grass within a certain distance of a government structure. There are hundreds of ways a property owner can be breaking codes in a city, and when a code is broken, a citation is issued.

The citation states the infraction, gives a date when that infraction must be corrected, and gives you a phone number to call if you should have questions.  All very straight-forward stuff, but also, at times, quite confusing, especially if you have never dealt with code enforcement before.

And therein lies the problem!

How many towns and cities are there in Tarrant County?  There are forty-one incorporated areas within Tarrant County; there are eighty-seven populated areas with official names.  Many of them, the vast majority of them, have codes and code enforcement, and you can bet the codes in Fort Worth are different from the codes in Watauga or Haltom City or North Richland Hills.

So here’s the problem: if you hire commercial mowers, located in North Richland Hills and familiar with the codes of North Richland Hills, but you want that company to handle citation mowing in Haltom City, which has different codes, will that company be able to adequately handle the citation and work smoothly with the Haltom City officials?

Oftentimes the answer to that question is a resounding NO!

The only way to handle this problem with confidence

The absolute only way to hire a citation mowing company, with confidence, is to hire one which has a reputation, and experience, in mowing in cities throughout Tarrant County, and that cuts down the list of possibilities drastically. Very few commercial mowing companies have that type of experience.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is one that does

We have been mowing within Tarrant County for two decades plus. We have dealt with city officials throughout the entire county.  We know who to talk to in Haltom City. We know who to talk to for fast results in Hurst. And we know who to talk to in Lake Worth or Mansfield.

Experience counts with commercial tractor mowing services! Call Keith’s Tractor Mowing for all of your citation mowing needs.