Commercial Grass Cutting

Commercial grass cutting is, in many ways, more important than residential lawn maintenance and requires much more trained skill to perform well.  Unlike a backyard in a neighborhood, only to be seen by the homeowner, a commercial grassy area is seen by anyone driving by on any given day, often thousands of people daily.  It is the first thing people see when approaching your business, which makes it a “symbol” of your dedication to excellence as a business owner.  It may cost more to do properly, but it is money well-spent if done well.

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How is a commercial grass cutting job priced?

Estimates are given by all commercial cutters for any commercial job.  These estimates are based upon the number of hours it is estimated that the job will take, the type of equipment necessary to complete the job, the degree of difficulty the job entails, the specifics of the cutting contract, and other factors.  On average, we have found that commercial grass cutting prices range from $75-$100 per hour, based upon the fact that one acre takes about one hour to mow.

What tractor mowing equipment is used?

We can tell you what we use at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, since it is indicative of what most commercial mowers use.  For normal jobs, with grass knee-high or less, we use the Toro 5910, which has a sixteen-foot cutting swath and leaves a beautifully-smooth and even cut across your property.  For tougher jobs, high grasses, uneven grounds, rocks strewn about, we use the John Deere 4320.

What to look for in a commercial cutting business

Number one, look for references!  You are going to pay a sizeable chunk of money for this commercial cutting; you want someone doing the job with years of quality experience.  Ask for references and then follow up on those references. Go take a look at the work they have done in other locations.  Make sure they can handle your mowing job before you higher them.

Ask  about their equipment!  Two guys with push mowers will not do. Their equipment should be high-quality and capable of doing your job easily.

Ask about liability insurance?  Are you covered should the company cause damage, and for how much are you covered? Keith’s Tractor Mowing Service is backed by $1,000,000 GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE.

Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area and ask them about the mowing company. The same with the Chamber of Commerce . . . you will learn very quickly if the mowing company is reputable or sketchy.

Weight all of those factors, cost, experience, and reputation, and then make an informed decision you can live with.  A quality commercial mowing company will make you money in the long run and, quite frankly, money should not be a determining factor.  A good mowing job is worth its weight in gold.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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