Commercial Mowing Bids Can Vary Greatly

Commercial mowing bids can vary greatly in price

Here’s the thing about commercial mowing bids: they can be all over the price spectrum, varying greatly within a particular city.  We see it here in Fort Worth, and I’ve seen in during my travels to other cities.

So how can you tell what is a fair bid?  Or, if you are in the commercial mowing business, how can you decide upon a competitive and yet profitable bid?  That’s what this article aims to answer.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, out of Fort Worth, Texas, and we will do our best to bring some clarity to this question of commercial mowing rates.

A real lawn maintenance contract

Let’s take a look at a lawn maintenance contract I found on the internet. This is for an 82-unit condominium in Florida:

  • $16,340 – Turf Mowing
  • $3,760 – Early spring cleanup
  • $23,904 – Mulching
  • $2,066 – Lawn edging
  • $5,152 – Weeding of mulch beds
  • $1,055 – Pruning in early Summer
  • $355 – Pruning in mid Summer
  • $355 – Pruning in late Summer
  • $1,055 – Pruning in late Fall
  • $1,235 – Fall lawn aeration
  • $1,450 – Fertilization – Spring
  • $1,450 – Fertilization – Summer
  • $4,200 – Fertilization – Summer
  • $1,450 – Fertilization – Fall
  • $952 – Fall leaf pickup #1
  • $952 – Fall leaf pickup #2
  • $952 – Fall leaf pickup #3
  • $952 – Fall leaf pickup #4

$67,635 – Total year contract not including taxes.

Is that a fair price?

Now the first thing to notice is that this is for much more than commercial mowing.  The actual mowing portion of the contract only costs $16,340 per year. Is that a high bid? Is that a low bid? Does that seem like a fair price, or does it seem extravagant?

All I can tell you with certainty is that it is an actual contract which was agreed upon by both parties.  I am assuming that the condo Board of Directors did their due diligence and obtained several bids, and in doing so they felt this bid was the best to fit their needs.  I can also assume that this was a competitive bid, in keeping with the current acreage mowing in that Florida community.

Lessons learned from this

Commercial mowing contracts . . . lot mowing . .  . HOA services . . . all of these different contracts will work under a general umbrella called “what the market will support.” There will always be bids which seem too low, and too good to be true, and they generally are. There will also be bids which are much too high.  The only way to know is to pick up the phone and start doing research.  Call other businesses and ask for their recommendations.  For something this important, you really should spend a few weeks setting up appointments, speaking to a variety of companies, and checking references.  Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area to make sure commercial mowing companies are legit and held in high esteem.  Only then will you settle upon a “fair” commercial mowing bid for your area.

Questions? Give Keith’s Tractor Mowing a call.  With our experience in this field, we are confident we can answer any question you might have.  We have faithfully served the Fort Worth area for a good many years.  Our reputation precedes us, and our bids are fair and competitive.  We will be glad to shed light on your particular situation.