Commercial Mowing Contracts

Commercial mowing contracts are not rocket science, but you do need to know how to navigate commercial mowing bids correctly if you own a commercial mowing company.  A good contract will leave the customer happy and singing your praises to the rest of the business community. A poor contract will leave you with poor P.R. and worse, can lead to you losing money on a particular job.  Let’s take a look at the thought which needs to go into a commercial mowing contract, and after you read this you can always call us at Keith’s Tractor Mowing in Fort Worth.

You have two choices

When bidding for an acreage mowing job, or any other kind of job which requires commercial tractor mowing services, you have two choices: you can underbid the competition, or you can explain the benefits of your company and why those benefits will result in a slightly higher price.  In other words, sell the price or sell the quality of the job done.  Either approach has its advantages, and either approach has its disadvantage/pitfalls.  As a general rule we always advise against price-gouging, or bidding under the competition.  It is a slippery slope to navigate and it almost always results in you losing money.  Leave that approach to those who don’t mind skating on thin ice; concentrate on selling your expertise and talent.

Sit down with the customer and explain the benefits

First of all, make sure you meet with the decision-maker in the company and not some assistant.  You want a working relationship with the man/woman who signs the checks.  Once you sit down with them, work with them and not for them.  Make it a team decision-making process.  Give suggestions . . .  ask for suggestions . . . make recommendations . . . ask for recommendations.  If you make this meeting a group effort, the “buyer” of your services will feel invested in the work you are doing, like you and they have formed a partnership.

Pricing is crucial

It all begins with time.  How much time will it take you to do the basics of mowing a particular piece of property?  Multiply that time by the industry standard price per hour.  Now add on incidentals like fuel for your tractor, insurance, traveling time, and time added on for other jobs besides mowing.  Arrive at a price you can live with and then present it.  If you are told it is high, explain that quality costs and you are not offering a discount service.

You may not get the gig, and that’s all right.  The best hitters in the Major Leagues only get base hits once every three times to the plate.  In other words, the best fail 67% of the time.  Accept failure as a learning tool and move on.  If you believe in yourself and your talents, it will show to the customers, and that may well be your best sales tool.

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