Highway Mowing Contracts

Make sure to vet the tractor mowing services you are considering.

Securing highway mowing contracts calls for several qualifications, which we will talk about in this article.  We will also explore hiring a mowing company for a highway mowing contract, and what you should look for when going over bids for your project.  For more information, call us at (817) 991-4318.

What you need to qualify for a highway mowing contract

You need a track record to qualify for most highway mowing contract, which means this is sort of a Catch 22 situation for newer companies.  How do you secure a highway mowing contract, which requires highway mowing experience, if you don’t have experience?

In that situation, the best you can do is tout your other acreage mowing and code enforcement mowing experience, and hope that is enough.  Point out that you have the equipment necessary to do the job properly and professionally.  Point out that you have large-scale mowing experience even though that experience does not include highways.  Toss in recommendations from satisfied customers.  Point out that you have the proper liability insurance, and do your homework so that your bid is competitive.

About bidding price:  you never want to be too cheap, and you certainly don’t want to be too expensive.  Find out what the industry price standard is for commercial tractor mowing services, pick a midway point in that pricing, make sure that price allows for your expenses plus a profit, and submit that bid.  Trying to undercut all other companies with a ridiculously low bid might get you the job, but it will also be work done at a cost to you.  Submitting the highest bid is a bit like lemmings running off a cliff.

What you should look for in a highway mowing company

If you are hiring for a highway mowing contract, look for two things: experience and a solid reputation.  It is our belief that price should not be a determining factor unless, of course, the state budget simply will not allow you to entertain prices beyond a certain amount.

Some mowing companies may not have highway mowing experience. Do not automatically rule them out.  Most acreage mowing companies have the equipment and expertise to handle highway mowing.  If their references check out, and they have the proper insurance, they should certainly be considered despite their lack of field mowing services experience.  Make sure, also, that they have the equipment necessary to handle highway mowing, including brush hogging services cutting equipment.  Experience plus proper equipment equal a job well done.

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