Hire A Professional For Code Enforcement Mowing

Code enforcement mowing

Here’s the thing to remember when dealing with a code enforcement mowing citation:  The code enforcement citation is meant to bring about compliance and not to punish.  At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we see code enforcement citations on a regular basis.  We work with various municipalities.  We know the people in the government agencies. They are nice people who have a job to do, but they really have no desire to punish anyone. They just want the rules followed.

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Which leads us to this salient point:  you need to hire a professional in dealing with a code enforcement mowing complaint/citation.

What’s the problem in most code enforcement situations?

It’s not the code enforcement that is the problem; it’s the misunderstanding of the code which is the problem.  Most people simply do not know what they are doing wrong when they face citation mowing problems.  Is the grass cut too high?  Is it growing too close to public property? Is there some sight restrictions?  Are invasive weeds growing on the property against county codes?  Is the property unsightly and thus against code?

Most people would gain an instant headache simply by reading the city codes regarding property and the maintenance of that property.  There are restrictions on height of grass (six inches as opposed to seven).  There are restrictions on vegetation encroaching on public land (two inches rather than three).  And these codes vary from city to city and county to county.

No way for you to know

Let’s face it; most of us don’t read the fine print.  Thus, most of us are not aware of restrictions on property we own.  You could take a survey of one-hundred property owners and chances are great that ninety of them have not read the fine print regarding code policies.

What you should know in hiring a mowing company

If the codes vary from city to city, wouldn’t it make sense to then hire a company which has a working knowledge of the various codes in various cities?  And would it not also make sense to hire someone who has a working relationship with government employees who handle the code enforcements?

Let’s look at a scenario to drive home this point.  Bob lives in Watauga.  He receives a code enforcement citation.  He hires a mowing company out of Fort Worth to do the code enforcement mowing.  Unfortunately, that company does not know the policies in Watauga, and they do the job incorrectly.  Now Bob has a whole new set of problems and is out some hard-earned cash.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Avoid the problems inherent in code enforcement.  Hire a professional like Keith’s Tractor Mowing for your code enforcement mowing problems.  Acreage mowing services, brush hogging services, HOA services, or pipeline mowing, we handle all jobs, big and small, and we back those jobs with a guarantee that we will do it correctly the first time out.

Citation mowing does not have to be a crap shoot if you hire someone who is trusted and experienced.

Call Keith’s Tractor Mowing for such a company in the Fort Worth area.  We work closely with city officials so you don’t have to!