Land Clearing Companies Are Not All the Same

How to Choose the Right One

People have a strange concept of land clearing companies.  For the most part they just figure you climb up into your tractor, make a few swipes across a field, and the job is done.  Quite frankly, if it were that easy, acreage mowing companies would not have to carry a million bucks in liability insurance.

A million bucks worth!

Obviously this is serious business, so if you are preparing to choose a land clearing company, there are several steps you should take before choosing. This article will walk you through the process to find the best land clearing company in your area.  Call us if you have questions after reading this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and in the Fort Worth, Texas region, we are the go-to source for information on acreage mowing.

It begins with the acreage mowing equipment

Check out the companies. Ask about their field mowing services equipment.  Our company uses, primarily, two pieces of equipment for land clearing, a TORO 5910 and a John Deere 4320.  Regular grass cuts or brush and vegetation, whatever the job calls for, these two piece of equipment can handle it, and any company you contact should have similar equipment readily available.

Next is land clearing experience

Our apologies to companies just starting, but for land clearing jobs like acreage mowing, field mowing, brush hogging services, church mowing, or citation mowing, experience rules and beginners drool.  We are talking about big jobs, jobs over an acre in size, jobs that must be done to exact specifications, especially when doing work for cities or other municipal bodies, and that kind of attention to detail can only be trusted to a company which has been there and done that many times before.  Our advice: ask for references and check out those references.

Word of mouth matters

Ask around for good recommendations!   Go to cemeteries, go to your city officials, and go to airports. Ask who does their land clearing jobs.  Ask who you can trust to do a quality job, who meets expectations, and who can follow specific instructions.  Land clearing with large equipment requires skill and experience, and it will not take you long to get good recommendations and negative reviews.  Trust those recommendations and choose a company accordingly.

The bottom line

You are going to pay for quality land clearing, so take your time and find a company which is worth the money you will be paying. Do not choose according to low-ball quotes.  Choose a company which values quality first and foremost.  In the long run you will be better off for it.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name in the Fort Worth area, known for quality work time and time again.  Whether it is working a pipeline site, beautifying a highway stretch, or taking care of neglected fields and acreage, Keith’s Tractor Mowing has the experience and has the reputation you can count on.  For more information call us at (817) 991-4318.