Pasture Mowing Service Bids Can Very Greatly

Mowing large fields service bids

If you have ever had pasture mowing service bids submitted to you, the first thing you will notice is that the bids are all over the bidding spectrum.  They vary from ultra-cheap to ultra-expensive, and any in-between.  This is an important topic for those taking bids on lot mowing and those submitting bids, so let’s take a closer look at it for a better understanding.

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How are pasture mowing bids arrived at?

It begins with the size of the pasture and the mowing rate of the tractor.  Most mowing tractors can mow about fifteen acres of property in an hour.  That is pretty much the industry standard for most John Deere and Toro equipment.  After that cost is factored into the bid, additional costs of liability insurance ($1,000,000 general liability insurance standard), depreciation on equipment, and other services are added on.  If there are obstructions which will slow up the mowing process, that is factored in as well.

Once all of that is computed a final bidding cost will be quoted.

Okay, so what is a good bid?

If you are hiring and accepting bids, the inclination is to go with the lowest bid. Be careful of that inclination.  Cheapest does not mean better no matter which industry and service we are talking about; similarly, the highest bid does not necessarily mean the most experience and  highest quality.

If you are submitting a bid, you have two choices: either underbid everyone else, which is a fool’s game, or market your talent as being worth a bit more.

The answer, ultimately, to the above question is it falls somewhere in-between the two extremes.

How do you know which is the best?

You ask around!  Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.  Ask around in your community.  Ask at the Chamber of Commerce.  Ask local farmers who they use. Ask at the local grange for recommendations.  If you are just starting out with a acreage mowing service, find out the same way.  People are generally willing to help you and will answer your question honestly.  Just one final word of warning if you are submitting a bit: do not undersell and undercut yourself.  Ultimately you are in business to make money.  You have your own bills and obligations.  Being in business is no fun if you are not being profitable. Don’t worry about submitting the lowest pasture mowing service big, but worry instead about selling your talent and your professionalism.  Time and time again we have found that people respond to quality over price for mowing contract, whether it be lot mowing or HOA services or government contracts.  Talent and quality speak louder than price any day of the week and twice on Sundays, as Granny loved to say.

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