A Pasture Mowing Service is All About Saving You Time

pasture mowing service

Why hire a pasture mowing service when you believe you can do the job yourself?

We will answer that question in this article by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with the area’s best acreage mowing. Call us when the job is too large for you to handle, and you want the very best.

Definition of a pasture mowing service.

Don’t confuse pasture mowing service with acreage mowing.  A pasture is a specific plot of land set aside for grazing of farm animals, and as such it needs to be mowed in a specific way, at a specific height, on a specific schedule, or the pasture growth will not match the need.

Acreage mowing simply refers to any mowing over an acre in size. By that definition, a football field would be acreage mowing.

Time better spent doing something else on the farm or ranch.

How long would it take you, the pasture owner, to mow that pasture? Do you have a tractor mower, or do you struggle with a residential walk-behind mower? One step up, if you have a small riding mower, how long will the job take you?

Let’s say a football field is approximately one acre in size.  Using a walk-behind residential mower, mowing one acre will take you, if you hustle, two hours.  Using a riding lawnmower the job might take you one hour. Using a tractor mower, the job will take twenty minutes under the operation of a pro.

And if you have a five-acre pasture?

And, if you don’t know the proper length to cut the pasture, or how often that pasture needs to be mowed at the specific height?  And if your mower breaks down and needs repairs, resulting in loading it onto a flatbed and hauling it to a mechanic, meanwhile necessitating the rental of another mower to get your job done?

Which leads us to this question: if you own a farm or ranch, don’t you have something better to do with your time than hassle with mowing that pasture?  Time is money, so the old saying goes, and that is certainly true on a farm and/or ranch.  Ranch mowing is a time-consuming job, usually resulting in at least a half-day devoted to that job. Do you have a half-day to waste on a mowing job someone else can handle?

What will a pasture mowing service cost? On average, $75 per hour, and before you say “that’s quite a bit,” understand that a tractor mower, under the operation of a professional, can mow fifteen acres in an hour.

The safety factor.

Do you know anything about mowing a pasture? The hidden dangers involved with high-speed, tough steel blades striking objects buried in the pasture grass? Do you have any idea how many farmers and ranchers end up in the emergency room of the local hospital because they were operating machinery they were not trained to operate?

We are not attempting to frighten you, but we do feel it is the responsible thing to do in making you aware of the risks involved, and how practical it is in hiring a professional pasture mowing service.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name in the Greater Fort Worth area.  From HOA mowing to pipeline mowing to cemetery mowing to ranch mowing, we handle the big jobs so you don’t have to.