Acreage Mowing Best Done With Tractor Mower

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This seems like such an obvious statement . . . acreage mowing is best done with a tractor mower . . . and yet day in and day out, we see people attempting to mow acres of land with a Home Depot gas mower, walking behind it, pushing it, the sun glaring down, the liability increasing, and we can only shake our heads and wonder why.

It is our opinion that acreage mowing, or large lot mowing, should only be done with tractor mowing equipment.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and in this article we will present a fairly strong argument to support our assertion. Call us for more information about lot mowing, acreage mowing, and other large mowing jobs.

Mowing your own acreage

Let’s say you have an acre to mow, and let’s say you have a standard Craftsman 21-inch gas-powered push mower you purchased from Lowe’s.

An acre is about the size of a football field.  Do you have any idea how many passes you will have to make to mow an acre with a twenty-one inch blade?  A football field is fifty-three yards wide. Multiply that times thirty-six inches, divide by 21, and you find you will have to make 90 passes with your mower, each pass being 120 yards long.

It will take you hours to do!

But that’s not the only problem. The Craftsman we mentioned is fine for soft grass and small lawns, but it will deliver an uneven cut over large areas; and then there’s the problem of liability, because it is very rare that you find acreage which does not have hidden dangers like rocks and sticks and pieces of metal buried in that grass.

All of which points to the obvious point: mowing acreage is a job for a tractor mower.

Having someone else mow your acreage

And what about if you hire a commercial lawn service to cut your acreage?  You pay commercial lawn mowing services by the hour.  If they are using that same Craftsman to mow your acreage, it will take them hours to mow, meaning you are going to pay a hefty amount for the job.

Which also points to the same obvious point: mowing acreage is a job for a tractor mower.

A word about tractor mowing

A tractor mower can mow in sixteen-foot swaths.  The John Deere and TORO mowers we use at Keith’s Tractor Mowing can mow up to sixteen acres in an hour.

Do the math! Which is less-expensive?  The choice is obvious!  And a tractor mower has extremely sharp and tough metal blades, with high revolutions, meaning you will get an even cut across the entire acreage, and hidden objects will be dealt with safely.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

We have been doing this for over two decades in the Fort Worth area. We are a trusted name when it comes to handling the biggest of mowing jobs. We carry $1,000,000 General Liability insurance so that you can rest assured that your property is safe from damage while we do the job you hired us to do.

Bottom line is this: acreage mowing is less-expensive and safer using the proper equipment, and that proper equipment is a tractor mower.

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