Acreage Mowing Services Save You Money In The Long Run

mowing overgrown grass

We understand how, during tough economic times, a property owner would be hesitant to contract for acreage mowing services.  After all, how tough is it to rent a tractor, or buy a tractor, and mow some acreage?  Looking at the short-term, we really do understand why people would think that.  But this article is about looking at the long-term, and how hiring someone for lot mowing, or acreage mowing, really can save you money.

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Let’s talk about saving money on acreage lawn mowing!

Doing it yourself

The first scenario, you have five acres needing mowing, and you have a residential walk-behind mower, or a residential riding mower, to do the job with.  It will, literally, take you all day to mow five acres using that equipment and then, chances are, you will not have a uniform cut on that acreage when you are done.  Why? Because residential mowers simply are not powerful enough, and their blades are not sharp enough, to handle acreage mowing and the tall grasses inherent in such mowing.  With that in mind, you will have wasted the better part of the day, mowing it yourself, and the end result will be second-rate at bests.

Second scenario, you rent a tractor mower from your local implement store, or you take the leap and you buy a tractor mower.  Renting such a mower will cost you twenty-to-thirty dollars per hour. Add in the hauling time from shop to your property, the mowing time, and the return hauling time, and you are renting that tractor for four hours minimum, which is at least one-hundred bucks every time you want to mow that acreage.  Or, if you purchase a tractor mower, you are looking at an expenditure of $5,000-$10,000.

Can you really afford to do that?

Hiring a professional acreage mowing company

A professional acreage mowing company will cost you, on average, $75-$100 per hour. A five-acre mowing job is a one-hour job.  The cut will be uniform, to your standards, and done properly will need to be done once or twice per month.

Do the math!  And, hiring a professional acreage mowing company, means you don’t pay for upkeep of that mower you purchased, and trust us when we tell you that repairs to a tractor mower are not cheap by any means.

A word about the unthinkable

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that which no one wants to talk about, but operating large equipment, like a tractor mower, is dangerous when in the hands of an amateur, and most property owners are amateurs.  There are thousands of accidents, each year, across the country, which happen because inexperienced and untrained property owners took on a job they were not trained to do, and you all know what hospital bills cost these days.

It just isn’t worth the risk to save a couple hundred bucks per month.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Go with the pros.  Budget the money, each month, and get the job done correctly, and in the Fort Worth area that means calling Keith’s Tractor Mowing, locally owned and operated, a trusted name among farmers and ranchers in the Fort Worth area.