Brush Hog

cutting tall grass during grounds maintenance

What is a brush hog?

A brush hog is a type of mower which is used to cut down heavy vegetation as opposed to grasses or lawns.  Typically a brush hog is a separate piece of machinery which is pulled behind a tractor, and it attaches to the tractor via a hitch.

Unlike a typical mower, a brush hog does not have stationary, rigid blades.  On a brush hog, the blades are attached on a swivel so they can bounce around when they meet uneven, rough ground.  In addition, the blades are much heavier than the normal blades of a mower, and it is the weight of those blades which causes centrifugal force which then beats down the vegetation.  The blades are also made of the strongest steel made because of the nature of the vegetation they do battle with during any acreage mowing.

Brush hogging services

Hiring someone for brush hogging services requires some leg work.  Just operating a brush hog requires some experience and expertise, and anyone bidding for brush mowing services should have that expertise and experience.  Mowing acreage, in most cases, requires at least a little bit of brush hogging, as most acreage has some rough patches.  Be wary of any commercial grass cutting company which does not have the capability of brush hogging.

The cost of brush hogging services

Quite frankly, the cost of brush hogging services can vary greatly.  Generally speaking, the smaller the area you are in, and the few commercial mowing companies in your area,  the fewer options you will have in pricing.  In our area, Fort Worth, Texas, the competition is stiff, so the price is pretty much determined by said competition.  You can count on $50-$75 per hour for most brush hogging if there is a competitive market to choose from.  A word of caution: make sure you do due diligence and ask for references before hiring anyone to do brush hogging.  You will want a pro to handle the tough jobs on your site.

Types of brush hogs

The two most common brush hogs on the market are the Bush Hog and the RhinoAg.  Other manufacturers of brush hogs are:

Several other manufacturers make these types of mowers including:

  • Bush-Whacker
  • DR Power Equipment
  • King Kutter
  • Land Pride
  • RhinoAg
  • Woods Equipment, inventor of the Batwing

Safety with brush hogging

Because of the size of brush hogs, and the kinetic energy which they create, brush hogs can be quite dangerous, both in contact with and the possibility of being struck by flying debris which they are in use.  Extreme caution is advised in the vicinity of any brush hogging.

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