Brush Mowing Services Save You Money and Time

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Brush mowing services, also known as brush hogging services, for sure are a luxury for some. Without a doubt, the average property owner could do brush mowing themselves in order to save money.  This article, though, will argue with that notion and explain how hiring brush mowing services actually save you time and more money than if you did it yourself.

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Now, let’s look at brush mowing from the perspective of time and money.

Without a doubt, brush mowing services save you time.

This is a no-brainer!  No one can argue that brush mowing services save you time when tackling difficult underbrush on a lot mowing job.  A job of an acre of more, of difficult underbrush, small saplings, and other dense growth will take a property owner the better part of a day to clear using a tractor mower, clippers, and chain saws, and that’s if they even have a tractor mower. If they don’t, they are looking at several days for an acre of more.

On the other hand, a land clearing company, like Keith’s Tractor Mower, with the right commercial equipment, can do a brush hogging job in an hour or two.

Two hours vs an entire day, or more? Yes, brush hogging saves you times.

But how do brush mowing services save you money if you pay for them?

At first glance, this is a hard concept to swallow.  If you pay for brush hogging services, how are you actually saving money. That seems like a non sequitur, but an explanation will clear up the matter in short order.

Let’s say you want to do the brush mowing job yourself.  You will need basic equipment to do the job, even if you don’t have a tractor mower.  Trust us when we say, if you don’t have a tractor mower, you are using inferior equipment for the job you are tackling, and inferior equipment will break and fail when tackling tough vegetation. That’s not some sales pitch; that’s fact!  So now you are out the money you will have to spend on new equipment.

But you are also out the money you would have made, doing other things, during that day you spent brush hogging.  Time is money! That’s an old adage and it is also true. If you have a job, or if you run a business, the time spent away from that job or business is an expense, plain and simple. So, calculate how much money you would have made, on your job, for six or eight or ten hours, and that is the money you would have saved by hiring a brush mowing service.

The bottom line about brush mowing (brush hogging)

Bottom line, and we paraphrase from many of our former clients, you are much better off hiring brush mowing services who can handle your tough job quickly and professionally.

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