Bush Hog

What is a bush hog?  It is also known as brush hog and brush hogging services?

We hear those questions quite often!

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and bush hogging is part of what we do.  Give us a call at (817) 991-4318 if you have questions about brush hogs, commercial grass cutting, code enforcement mowing, or commercial mowing bids.  We have the experience to steer you in the right direction.

What is a brush hog?

A brush hog is a machine/implement which handles the heavy duty mowing of rough ground/surfaces.  It is usually an attachment to a tractor, and the blades are on hinges so that they can adjust upwards, backwards, and downwards when they hit uneven ground.  The blades are stronger than on a regular mower, and they are duller.  The purpose of a brush hog is to “whack” the vegetation down rather than cut it, and typically a brush hog will be used to clear a property of blackberry bushes and other obstinate vegetation.  Because the blades are so strong, they are able to withstand  contact with rocks and other solid debris encountered during mowing.

Inherent danger of brush hog mowing

We would be remiss if we did not point out the dangers of using a brush hog.  The blades of a brush hog can reach 150 miles per hour, and thus they are capable of throwing objects great distances. Rocks have been hurled 250-300 feet by a brush hog.  We mention this not only because of the safety reminder but to also strongly suggest that liability insurance be obtained before using a brush hog on a job site.  At Keith’s Tractor Mowing we carry $1,000,000 general liability insurance to cover us against any damage which might occur on a jobsite.

What is the best brush hog to use?

As with any equipment, the best to use is the one which you like the most.  We are partial to the John Deere 4320 with twelve gears for the toughest of conditions and a brush hog pulled behind it.  We have yet to come across a job we couldn’t handle with that combination of equipment.  Having said that, we still recommend you go out and conduct your own product search.  Check with other commercial mowing companies and land clearers to see what type of brush hog mowing equipment they use and find the one which suits your needs.

The cost of a bush hog

What can you expect to pay for a brush hog? The John Deere MX10 will run you about $9,000 and yes, that is pricey, but consider that it can handle any property you throw at it, and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking, to borrow from a famous watch maker.  The money you pay up front will be saved over the span of many mows over many years.

The cost of bush hogging services

You can expect brush hogging services to be in line with the cost of regular commercial mowing services.  They are all priced according to the time it will take to cover the area to be mowed, regardless of which piece of equipment is used.