Code Enforcement

Are you looking for a code enforcement mowing company?

Citation mowing is a sticky wicket, as the British like to say, definitely a headache for those not accustomed to the local regulations of a city government.  And, quite frankly, if you hire a company not experienced in code enforcement mowing, you run the risk of compounding your problems and increasing the magnitude of that headache.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, within seventy-five miles of Fort Worth, encompassing countless cities and towns in Tarrant County, and we’ve been doing code enforcement mowing for quite some time now.

Trust in experience! That’s our number one message in this article about citation mowing: trust in experience!

Call us at (817) 991-4318 if we can be of assistance with your code enforcement mowing.

From our website regarding code enforcement mowing:

There are two things to understand regarding our code enforcement services:

  • One, we work closely with local municipal code enforcement officers to keep your property mowed properly.
  • Two, we can respond within 24 hours for citations of improperly mowed grass

Let’s cover each of these points.

Keith’s Tractor and Mowing Service covers an area within seventy-five miles of Fort Worth. That means we cover Arlington, we cover Grapevine, we cover Kennedale, and we cover Haltom City, Saginaw, and Irving. All told there are probably twenty or more government agencies we work with during a normal work week, and each of those government agencies has their own codes with regards to acreage mowing. Not only that, but those codes can change during a year, so working closely with code enforcement officers is crucial so that our customers are upholding those codes and in compliance. Just reading and understanding those codes is a complex undertaking for most business owners, so we take that hassle off the board for you.

We do that and we do that well.

24-hour service on code citations and violations? Show us another company that can make that claim, and back it up with reliability, and we’ll give that company a standing ovation. You call us up, tell us you’ve been served with a citation, and within one work day we will be there to handle the problem and get you up-to-code. For any business, time is money, and that kind of response time can mean the difference between paying a hefty fine and not paying, and that is money in your bank.

Beware of tough-times companies

We call them tough-times companies because they seem to pop up on the landscape, like a field of bluebells, during economic recessions, people looking to make some extra money when money is tight. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a lawnmower is suddenly an lot mowing expert.  Mind you, they have to experience in lot mowing or HOA services or code enforcement mowing, but they say they can handle it.

Which they can’t!

Go with experience!

Call us at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for decades, providing peace of mind to Fort Worth residents who value professionalism and qualifications.  And yes, we carry $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.