Commercial Lawn Care Contracts

With this article, our aim is to clarify what commercial lawn care contracts are, as well as commercial lawn care bids, and what goes into the pricing of those contracts.  It may seem, at times, like the price of such contracts is just magically pulled out of the air, but there actually is much consideration which goes into that pricing.

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Now, a quick primer on commercial mowing contracts.

A definition of commercial lawn care

For the purpose of this article, it is important to understand the difference between residential lawn care and commercial lawn care. Residential lawn care usually only involved one home, and that home is in a residential neighborhood.  Commercial lawn care is a bigger job i.e. an apartment building, a shopping mall, a business park.  It is larger in scope, it costs more, and the equipment needed is more extensive, larger, and more expensive to operate.

In the simplest of terms, anyone with a push-mower can do residential lawn care. They may not do it well, but they can cut the grass. Not true of commercial lawn care.

The pricing structure

Pricing commercial mowing rates consists of three main expenses: the labor used for the time it takes to do the job, the cost of the equipment used for the job, and the distance traveled to the job site.

Labor consists of the wage paid to the company employees plus the profit paid to the owner of the company.  This would look something like this: $20 per hour to the employees plus $10-$20 per hour to the owner.

Equipment costs would include fuel for the equipment, insurance on the equipment, and depreciation of that equipment.

And, finally, an extra fee will be charged if the lawn care company must travel too far for the job.

Obviously, then, there is wiggle room in this pricing, especially in the price per hour for labor.

Someone bidding on commercial lawn contracts will walk the property, estimate how long it will take to mow that property, and then build a bid based on that information.

Reputation matters

We cannot overemphasize this too much.  Reputation does matter when hiring a commercial lawn service. There are quite a few “fly by night” lawn companies out there, people with little or no experience, people with no liability insurance, and quite frankly people who have no business calling themselves professionals. We urge you to ask around before you hire a commercial lawn company. Ask for references and follow up on those references.  You are spending a great deal of money on their service, and you must make sure they can deliver on their services in a professional manner.

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