Commercial Lawn Care Pricing

Determining commercial lawn care pricing – obtaining commercial lawn care bids – can be a complicated process, and the reason for this is because so many services fall under the heading “commercial lawn care.”  This article will help you to navigate through this confusing process and hopefully help you to have some general idea what you can plan on paying for your particular job.

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What is commercial lawn care?

Here is the problem in trying to estimate what your job will cost and who can do the job you need. Commercial lawn care can be more than just commercial lawn cutting.  It can also be soil amendments, pruning, edging, landscaping, brush hogging services, or land clearing, and all of those projects/services may have a different price structure.

How pricing is determined

Most commercial lawn mowing services base their pricing on an hourly rate, and that rate is, on average, around $75 per hour. Please note that the price will vary from city to city. We can only give you a national price average in an article like this.

Please also note that individual services, which may require more time, might cost more. Simple mowing is one thing; amending soil, or landscaping services, are a completely different matter and may cost more.  Toss in extra costs for travel time to remote sites, and products needs to amend soil, and that $75 per hour rate we quoted may not apply.

Then consider that larger jobs, say ten acres, might be priced on a different scale because they will require a tractor mower, and land clearing, which requires a brush hog, will be priced at a different rate than simple lawn mowing.

Yes, it can get complicated!

The best advice we can give

Know exactly what it is you want done, and communicate that clearly to any lawn service company you talk to. Get their quote for that specific job, and then shop around and gather up other price quotes.  It is important that you get everything in writing, in the contract, all of the specifics and the exact price for those specific tasks. That way there are no surprises when it comes time for billing and payment.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

We take on the big jobs. We handle HOA services. We handle citation mowing, acreage mowing, and land clearing.  Any job over one acre is a job our heavy equipment can handle and handle quickly. We take on any job within a seventy-five mile radius of Fort Worth, and our job quotes are specific and etched in stone. We will not toss hidden fees at you when it comes time to pay.

How do you know we speak the truth?  We have been doing this work for over twenty years in Fort Worth. We are a trusted name with individual land owners, and we are a trusted name among city and town governments, and our $1,000,000 general liability insurance coverage gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

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