Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

mowing overgrown grass

What are commercial lawn mowing services?

Broadly speaking, they are any lawn mowing services performed for any business enterprise. In other words, commercial grass cutting.

Using that rough definition, one would logically assume that it would be easy for secure a reputable and qualified commercial lawn mowing service, but we would caution you against such optimistic thinking.  In this article we will tell you why you need due diligence in choosing a commercial lawn mowing company, and how you can go about finding one to fit your needs.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing in Fort Worth, Texas, and we have the answers you need. Call us for those answers.

Why one size does not fit all in commercial lawn mowing

Businesses and their property come in all sizes, and the size of a mowing job determines the cost of that job.  Drive around town on a brilliant summer day, and you will see the truth of this statement. You have all seen mowing services which consist of two guys driving a pickup truck, towing a trailer in which you can find a couple lawn mowers and various yard tools.  This is the standard way to mow property for a small company. But there are also commercial jobs which require much more property to be mowed i.e. a cemetery, an airport, a baseball field, a football field, and these jobs required much larger machinery to complete the job in a timely manner.  So the first question you have to ask is this: what type of mowing job is represented by your property?  Are you a two lawn mower job, or are you an acreage mowing job?

How to find the right mowing company for your needs?

Word-of-mouth recommendations are fine for small jobs.  Small lots upon which your building sits can be mowed by just about any small mowing service.  Check their references, make sure they have some sort of liability insurance, and make your decision.

Acreage mowing services, or commercial grass cutting services, require a bit more inspection before hiring.  Look at it this way: the bigger the job, the more scrutiny you should employ in hiring.

If you are hiring for a large job i.e. church mowing, cemetery mowing contracts, pipeline mowing, you will need to do a bit more investigation to justify choosing one company over another.  Each of these examples requires special equipment, tractor mowing equipment, and each requires experience in performing the tasks.  In fact, those are the two main criteria in choosing a commercial lawn mowing service: equipment and experience.  Have they done the type of large job you are hiring for, and do they have the equipment to handle such a large job?

Secondary to those questions is the question of liability.  Generally speaking, the larger the mowing job, the more liability insurance should be available.  Our company, Keith’s Tractor Mowing, carries $1,000,000 in liability insurance to cover us, and protect the customer, against any possibility of damage.  You should consider this when you hire. Insurance protects you and your property, so make sure you ask about it.

Ask around!  Get recommendations! Follow our advice spelled out in this article.

And then hire with confidence!