Commercial Lawn Mowing Prices

Commercial lawn mowing prices from a commercial lawn service can fluctuate quite a bit depending upon the area you live in and the commercial lawn mowing services you want performed.  In this article we will take a look at some of the service you might contract for, and also some factors which might affect the price.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area, and our twenty-plus years of experience is all the calling card we need in the Fort Worth area. Call us for a price quote on any acreage lawn mowing, lot mowing, brush hogging services, citation mowing, or code enforcement mowing you need a professional for.

Factors to consider which will affect commercial lawn mowing prices

These factors will be considered by all commercial mowers:

  • Travel distance to the job site
  • Other jobs besides just mowing
  • The size of the mowing lot
  • How long since the last mowing
  • How often will it be mowed

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Travel distance

For an example, Keith’s Tractor Mowing covers an area within a 75-mile bubble of downtown Fort Worth. If we were to take on a job outside of seventy-five miles, we would undoubtedly tack on a transportation fee to cover our travel expenses i.e. gas and travel time.

Mowing plus . . .

Is it just mowing you want, or do you also want trimming, edging, power blowing, etc.?  Some commercial mowers will offer package prices which include all of those services. Some simply mow and offer a price quote based simply on the mowing aspect.  You will need to inquire concerning what you are expecting to receive and what your expectations will cost?

Size of job

This, really, is the most important contributing factor when looking at commercial mowing bids.  How large a job is it, and how long it will take to complete the job?  Most commercial mowing companies price according to the amount of time a job will take . . . in other words, they price a job by the hour.

What is that price per hour? Prices range wildly depending upon the area you live in.  In one city, the base price for mowing may be $50 per hour. In another city, the base price may be $75 per hour.  You will have to call around to find out what the average, standard mowing rate is in your area.  Please note, though, the a professional, commercial mower can easily do an acre in an hour, so anything under an acre should not cost more than a one-hour mowing rate.

How long since last mowing?

Tall, overgrown grass may require more than one mowing.  Please be aware of that fact. Even the best commercial mowers cannot cut long grass with any degree of neatness on the first cut, and multiple cuts will require added cost.

How often will it be mowed?

You may be able to negotiate lower costs if you have your lot mowed on a regular basis. In other words, weekly mowing may cost less, per hour, than monthly mowing.  Inquire about this when you ask companies about their cost.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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