Commercial Tractor Mowing Services Should Be Vetted

Make sure to vet the tractor mowing services you are considering.

Here’s the thing to remember about commercial tractor mowing services: they only do large jobs!  Large jobs are priced according to square footage and related difficulties. Thus, you are going to find commercial tractor mowing services to be costly.

Costly means expensive, and expensive means your hard-earned dollars are at stake.

Thus the statement “commercial grass cutting services should be vetted!”

How do you do that?  That is the purpose of this article.  Read on and if you have more questions you can call us at Keith’s Tractor Mowing at (817) 991-4318.  We will be happy to answer your questions.

How expensive is a commercial tractor mowing bid?

To answer that question we must first determine how large a lot you want mowed.  Tractor mowing equipment is expensive and mowing is priced by the square foot, or how much time it takes to mow your property.  A quality tractor can mow about sixteen acres in an hour if there are no obstruction and/or difficulties.  Depending on the company that may cost you $200 or more.

Field mowing services and brush mowing services can cost more because they are usually more difficult to do and they take longer.

The bottom line is this; commercial tractor mowing is not cheap!

How to vet a mowing service

You may not know a thing about commercial tractor mowing, but there are a number of people in your community who do.  Our suggestions follow.

Check with farmers

Farmers in your community know all about commercial tractor mowing services.  Chances are good that practically any farmer you stop and talk to has hired a tractor mowing company at one time or another. Stop by some farms and ask for recommendations


Most housing organizations will hire out their mowing to a professional mowing company. Stop by any housing development and ask for the housing development president.  They will be happy to share their recommendations and/or warnings.

Chamber of Commerce

One of your best resources regarding good/bad businesses will always be your local Chamber of Commerce.  Good service is always remembered and referred.  Bad service is always remembered and warned about.  Check with other business owners and they will share their experience/recommendations with you.

Better Business Bureau

If there is a bad tractor mowing service out there, the Better Business Bureau will know about it. It is their job to find out about businesses in any area.  Count on them.

And then make your decision

There is a wealth of information in your community about commercial tractor mowing companies. All you have to do is take the time to properly vet them and then make your decision.  Is it worth your time and effort to do so? It should be. We are talking hundreds of dollars, and if problems arise, and the company you hire does not have adequate liability insurance, you could be talking about thousands of dollars in damages.

Take your time.  Do your research and vetting.  And if you have questions, you can call us and we will be happy to advise you further.  The name Keith’s Tractor Mowing stands for reliability in the Fort Worth area.