Cutting In Brush

cutting in brush requires trained skills

Cutting in brush, cutting tall grass, the right way, is a fairly easy thing to do. Cutting in brush, the wrong way, can be dangerous and causes quite a few accidents each year around the United States. In this article, we will talk about cutting in brush the right way so that you can avoid the injuries which are so common for those unprepared and unprotected.

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Why is cutting in brush so dangerous?

Cutting brush is not like cutting grass. Brush is larger. Brush is tougher.  Ordinary residential mowers do not have the blade speed and do not have sharp enough blades to cut the hard, woody textures of brush.  Consequently, those who attempt to use a residential mower will experience tangled and jammed blades, and trying to untangle those blades often results in cuts or amputated fingers.

Brush also hides objects, and those objects, when struck by blades revolving at a high speed, can become lethal projectiles.  Each year, emergency rooms at hospitals across the country treat patients who have been struck by these projectiles while attempting to eradicate a blackberry patch in their back yard.

And, even if the right equipment, like a tractor mower, is used, there are often accidents of property owners falling off of lawn tractors and actually running the tractor over their own foot or leg, causing severe injury.

The bottom line on all of this: it is better to leave “cutting the brush” to the professionals.

What equipment is needed for safe cutting in brush?

In our professional opinion, based on decades of brush cutting and professional, commercial tractor mowing services, the only way to tackle tough jobs like cutting in brush is to use tractor mowers and brush hogs.  Equipment like the John Deere 4320 is tough enough to tackle the thickest of brush, with twelve gears to punch through the thick vegetation, and a brush hog which can chew through year-old growth with ease.

In addition, and we cannot overemphasize this enough, not only the right equipment is needed, but also the expertise to operate that equipment properly is needed.  There are always DIYers who go out, rent a large piece of equipment, and try to operate that equipment without any training, and all too often that approach leads to injury.  Our opinion: large equipment should only be operated by someone trained on that large equipment. The risk is too great to attempt a job you are not trained to do, and we are speaking to all of those property owners who are trying to save some money and tackle the tough job on their own.  It is not worth the risk, and the risk is very real.

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