Field Mowing

Commercial mowing bids can vary greatly in price

Field mowing usually consists of acreage mowing i.e. pasture mowing, pad mowing, or any other type of large area, one acre or more, requiring special equipment.  It is often priced by the hour but can be priced by the job.  Contracts usually stipulate for cutting to be done weekly or monthly, depending on the use of the field being mowed.

How long does it take to mow a field?

This is a commonly-asked question, and the answer depends on what equipment is being used.  Tractor mowing services using big John Deere or Toro mowers and/or brush hog equipment can mow up to fourteen acres in an hour.  Using smaller, one-dimensional equipment will require longer to mow an area and thus will be quoted higher.

Other factors to consider

Using the “fourteen acres per hour” qualification, it would then follow that mowing a field of twenty acres will take about two hours, but there are other factors to consider.  How long is the grass?  Grass two feet tall may require a double-mowing to adequately shorten it.  Are there rocks and fallen branches in the field? If so it will require walking the property and removing those potentially damaging obstructions.  Are there structures in the field which must be mowed around?  Are there mowing standards, like code enforcement mowing, which will require special care being taken?

How much experience are you hiring?

Anyone can go to an equipment rental business and rent a tractor mower and say they are a field mowing business. How much experience do they really have?  Ask for references and then make sure you check out those references.  There are quite a few “sketchy” mowing businesses out there these days, lots of guys with pickup trucks and a Toro will claim to be qualified in field mowing, but in fact the biggest thing they have mowed is their own backyard.  Due diligence in checking references will go a long way towards job satisfaction.

Potential liabilities

Vacant fields or lots can be a big liability for property owners as injury lawsuits, municipal violations and grass fires are only a handful of issues that vacant lot owners can face. Other possible problems that are typically associated with vacant lots include mosquito habitats, rodent infestations as well as snake lairs. Vacant lots that have tall grass are offering excellent hiding spot and usually attract illegal dumping and children playing. Well good for you because by hiring professional field mowing service, you will be able to reduce the odds of dealing with these issues.

Look for liability insurance

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing out of Fort Worth, Texas, one of the leading acreage mowing services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Megaplex, so we have some game when it comes to field mowing, and we carry a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability insurance at all times.  This is a protection for our customers, but it is also a protection for our business. Too many things can, and will, go wrong on a field mowing job.  It’s nice to have that financial security.

Any questions?  You can give us a call at Keith’s Tractor Mowing at (817) 991-4318.  We like to think of ourselves as experts in field mowing services.