Go With the Best Company for Citation Mowing

mowing baseball field grass

We begin this discussion by asking one simple question: why do you need a citation mowing company?

It has been our experience that one of two possible answers apply: either you didn’t have the time to do the acreage mowing yourself, and so you did a hurry-up and inefficient job; or you didn’t know the regulations you had to follow, and so you did a mowing job not up to standards.

Either way, you face fines if you do not rectify the problem, and that is why you need the best commercial grass cutting company you can find.

Let’s discuss how you go about finding the best.  Contact us if you have further questions at (817) 991-4318.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing in Fort Worth, Texas, one of the most trusted names in our region in citation mowing.

Doing an inefficient acreage mowing job

Large mowing jobs, or jobs which require specific tasks to be performed, not only require an experienced person but also the right equipment to perform the task.  One does not receive a citation, generally, because one did a poor job of mowing with a Toro push mower.  Citation mowing generally refers to code enforcement mowing.  A part of your property has not been maintained according to city codes i.e. the grass is too high, the weeds are too plentiful, or the growth along an easement has become too unsightly.  If you are unaware of these mowing codes, call your local city government for precise mowing instructions and regulations.

The word “precise” then leads us to the next section in this discussion, namely having the right equipment to do the job.

Right equipment for code enforcement mowing

Rarely can a citation mowing job be done with a simple push mower.  Proper equipment must be used to insure that the job is done correctly and thus you can avoid a citation/penalty.  Yes, that equipment is available for rent, but that requires not only shelling out money for a rental, but finding a way to transport that equipment to your property . . . and then it requires the expertise to properly operate that equipment.

Bottom line: leave a professional job to the professionals.

Here’s how it works with a company like Keith’s Tractor Mowing in Fort Worth.  You call us, tell us about the citation you have received.  Generally we can get a complete picture of the job from your description, but if not we will drive over and take a look at the job. We then give you an estimate based on our expertise and the “going rate” for commercial tractor mowing services.  Usually these citation mowing jobs  can be completed within an hour unless they are extremely large in size.  We then make an appointment to complete the job within the time allowed on the citation warning, and we do the job within that time frame.

Problem solved!  You write a check, the city is happy, and we all move on with our lives.

Now doesn’t that sound simple?

Citation mowing can seem overwhelming and daunting, but it really isn’t in the hands of professionals. Call a company you can trust, and in the Fort Worth area that company is Keith’s Tractor Mowing.