Grass Cutting Business

Whether you are looking for a grass cutting business, or considering starting your own grass cutting business, this article will serve as a primer of information about commercial lawn cutting.

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Now, let’s talk about the grass cutting business industry.

A wide variety of commercial mowing services

Commercial mowing services come in all shapes and sizes.  They range from the father/son duo who are working out of their pickup truck, to the professional team of professionally-equipped companies which can handle huge lot mowing jobs of an acre or more, with their huge tractor mowers and brush hogs, ready to do battle against the biggest of mowing jobs.

The cost of these companies also greatly vary.  Because the economy is still reeling from the pandemic, and because there was so much unemployment, during 2020-2021 we saw a huge influx of home-bases mowing companies.  Anyone with a pickup-truck and a residential mower could, feasibly, pay for a business license and become, in theory, a professional grass cutting business.  Consequently, and because there is no industry regulatory agency, the same job can have bids for $50 and $200.

And, because there is no regulatory agency, we feel it is necessary to remind anyone reading this of that old adage Buyer Beware!  In many cases, you get what you pay for.

What the best grass cutting business offers

What follows is the Gold Standard in the grass cutting business. Very few will match this standard, and that’s because excellent is reserved for the very few in any industry.

Excellent equipment

Excellent grass cutting calls for professional equipment.  Period. End of discussion.  The best mowers on the market have blades made of the finest steel. They have mowers which have the highest blade speeds, which in turn provide the cleanest cuts.

This is usually the criteria which most-often separates the pros from the imposters.  Excellent mowing equipment is expensive. The tractor mowers we use at Keith’s Tractor Mowing cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, as opposed to a TORO bought at Home Depot.  With our tractor mowers, we can make short work of large lots, and we can provide a uniform cut time and time again.

Outstanding track record

If you want to quickly narrow down that list of potential mowing companies, ask for references and then follow-up on those references.  And, if you are thinking of going into the grass cutting business, remember that your past record is a reflection of your company.  One poor job will hurt your reputation for years into the future.  Make sure that every job you do is a job your customers will rave about. It may time extra time to do so, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

Liability insurance

Grass cutting, especially grass cutting on a large scale, is dangerous.  Any grass cutting company worth hiring will carry liability insurance, to protect the company and to protect the customers.  In our opinion, do not hire anyone who does not carry liability insurance.

Those are the basics regarding a grass cutting business.  It may seem like a short list, but that short list, if treated with the respect and importance it is due, will separate the pros from the imposters in the grass cutting industry.

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