Hire Brush Mowing Services for Safety

cutting tall grass during grounds maintenance

Brush mowing services are available for two reasons: convenience and safety.  This article is all about safety, and at Keith’s Tractor Mowing we speak from experience. Give us a call at (817) 891-4318 for all the information you need about brush mowing services.

What does a brush mowing service do?

Brush hogging services is all about taking on the tough mowing jobs. We aren’t talking about a casual stroll around lush lawn.  We are talking about cutting down brush, berry bushes, and doing so over uneven, often dangerous ground.  For a job like brush mowing, you need expertise and the proper equipment, and that proper equipment is known as a brush hog.

What is a brush hog?

A brush hog is usually a special attachment to your tractor.  It has blades made of extremely strong steel.  It has blades which are heavier than normal mowing blades.  The blades revolve at very high speeds and the vegetation is actually whacked down rather than clean cutting.  This is all significant because of the presence of danger from flying debris, which is always prevalent with brush hog jobs.  At Keith’s Tractor Mowing we actually carry $1,000000 General Liability Insurance because of the use of a brush hog, so we obviously take this matter of danger very seriously.

Safety tips with a brush hog

Keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Drive slowly
  • Watch for entanglements
  • Be aware of wide turn radius
  • Never use a brush hog with people or animals nearby

Drive slowly

Slow down and live to mow another day.  A brush hog is not a toy.  It is a serious piece of farm equipment.  We suggest using it only in slow gear, especially if you are not experienced with a brush hog.


The heavier the vegetation, the more chance that something will eventually become entangled in the mechanism; periodically check the brush hog to make sure nothing is jammed in the blades.

Turn radius

A brush hog behind a tractor is a bit like towing a trailer behind your pickup truck.  Make sure you are aware of the turn radius while mowing the pasture, especially if there are obstacles like sheds on the property.

Brush hog alone

Never brush hog with other people, dogs, or livestock nearby.  A brush hog can toss debris up to 250 feet away, and flying debris can be deadly.

Our best safety tip

If you don’t know what you are doing with a brush hog, or if you are hesitant to try using one, don’t do it!  Hire a professional brush mowing service to do the job for you.  A company like Keith’s Tractor Mowing may cost you money up front, but it is considerably less expensive than repairing damage to outbuildings or paying for a hospital visit.  A brush hog is a piece of equipment which must be respected and used properly.  We strongly urge all of you to think before engaging with a brush hog.

Again, for all things related to brush hogging, or anything related to commercial mowing bids, code enforcement mowing, HOA services, or lot mowing, Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the name to remember in the Fort Worth area.