How Does Ranch Mowing Differ From Acreage Mowing?

ranch mowing

If you have been looking for a ranch mowing company, you may have noticed that some commercial mowing services advertise acreage mowing, or lot mowing, instead of ranch mowing, and you may be wondering if there is a difference between ranch mowing and acreage mowing?

Yes, there is, and in this article we will tell you what that difference is.

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What is a farm?

A farm is defined as a large plot of land where food is grown, and it’s main purpose is the growing of that food.  Size is not a factor in this definition. There are small farms of less-than-one-acre i.e. hobby farms, and there are large farms with hundreds of acres i.e. wheat farms.

What is a ranch?

The main purpose of a ranch is to raise livestock, whether that be sheep, cattle, horses, llamas, or whatever.  Again, size is not a factor in this designation. We have seen ranches of a couple acres, and we have seen ranches with thousands of acres.

What is the difference in mowing services for them?

Now we get down to the nitty gritty.

Acreage on a farm is usually cut back simply to keep it manageable, and here we are talking about unused acreage, land not used for growing vegetables at that time.

Acreage on a ranch is land used for grazing of animals, and as such it must be a specific length for proper feeding, and a specific length to foster future growth.  There are varying schools of thought about what is the proper length to maintain ranch land vegetation, but the bottom line is this: it is important, and that leads us to the discussion about ranch mowing.

Hiring a commercial mowing company

We cannot overemphasize this point: hiring commercial mowing services can be a bit of a crapshoot in today’s economy.  There seems to be a new lot mowing service popping up every week.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a mower can claim to be a commercial mowing company, and for the consumer, that is not necessarily a good thing.  Proper ranch mowing requires, first of all, a proper tractor mower, one big enough, with proper blades and engine power, to do the job correctly.

Proper ranch mowing may also require a bush hog, an attachment to the tractor for mowing down unwanted vegetation.

And, probably the most important point to make, proper ranch mowing requires a tractor mower operator who is capable of mowing at specific lengths . . . it requires experience in ranch mowing.

Our word of caution

Ask around about companies claiming to be experts in ranch mowing. Follow-up on references and make sure they are capable of doing what they claim they can do.  You are going to pay a pretty penny for a ranch mowing service, and you deserve to have the best job possible done on your ranch.

Any questions?  In the Fort Worth area, call Keith’s Tractor Mowing.  We know ranch mowing. We know acreage mowing, and our track record will support that claim