How to Bid for HOA Services and Mowing Contracts

commercial landscape maintenance

If you are new to the commercial mowing industry, HOA services and lot mowing contracts can seem a bit daunting.  Never fear.  In truth they are no more difficult than any other commercial grass cutting contract.  This article should help you with some valuable information, and if you have further questions you can call us at (817) 991-4318.

Let’s take a look at a HOA mowing regulation

Here is one HOA contract for you to look at:

  1. Mowing each week during the mowing season (generally described but not limited to the first week of April through the last week of October) or as necessary.
  2. Sidewalk edging twice each month during the mowing season.
  3. “Weed whacking” the areas not able to be mowed once per month.
  4. All mowing service shall include the blowing (or removal) of grass clippings from landscape beds and pavement areas including sidewalks and driveways.
  5. Fertilize lawns to prevent crab grass, dandelions and other weeds.

In addition, there are sections on fertilizing, bed maintenance, tree trimming,  regularity of services, generally liability requirements, and the following information on submitting a bid:

Interested businesses are to submit the proposed costs for the designated services from the included bid form, as well as the following background information:

  1. Firm name and full contact information
  2. Years in business, and principal owner(s)
  3. Name and contact information for firm employee directly in-charge of work
  4. Firm background and history
  5. Three references with contact information both email and postal

Now let’s take a closer look at this HOA services bidding procedure.

The first thing you need to notice is the wide array of tasks being asked for in this bidding contract.  Not only are you called upon to mow lawns, but also to edge, weed whack, sidewalk maintenance, tree trimming, bed maintenance, and fertilizing.  We point this out for one reason:  if you do not have all of these skills, i.e. if you are only a lot mowing company, then don’t bother to submit a bid.  You may be able to do the job asked for, but you don’t have the skills or equipment needed to do the job well. The last thing you need is a poor review on your social media sites.


You will also be required to have general liability insurance to cover you and the HOA in case of damage.  Our company, Keith’s Tractor Mowing, carries $1 million in general liability, which is pretty much the industry standard. Without it you will most likely fail in your bid for any commercial tractor mowing services.

And finally please note that three references are required. This is a tough one to bypass if you are a new company, of if this is your first HOA bid.  If you are just starting out, our suggestion is that you start out small, with individual homes, until you have a portfolio of good reviews to fall back on. Then you can move up the ladder of mowing jobs and bid for something more complicated like HOA services and other tractor mowing services.

We hope that helps. Give us a call for more information about HOA services and commercial mowing services.