Know The Facts About Acreage Lawn Mowing

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Before you hire someone for acreage lawn mowing on your property, or before you begin your own acreage mowing services, there are a few things you need to know about acreage mowing. This article will provide that information for you.

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Now, a brief collection of facts about acreage lawn mowing.

The cost of acreage lawn mowing

If you are hiring acreage lawn mowing services, know that these jobs are priced according to the length of time it takes to do the job plus, for some companies, travel time. The industry standard cost is approximately $75 per hour, less in some areas, more in others, but you can use $75 for the average nationwide.

If the proper equipment is used, from ten to fifteen acres can be mowed in an hour, which brings us to a short discussion about equipment.

The equipment needed for acreage lawn mowing

A tractor mower is really the only equipment which should be used for acreage mowing. Consider that an acre is approximately the size of a football field, and then consider how long it would take to mow a football field with a consumer push mower.  A tractor mower is the only equipment big enough to do a job of this size quickly and efficiently.

The other piece of equipment often used is a brush hog. This attachment to the tractor mower cuts down brush, as the name implies, and is also used for very dense, very long grasses. The ultra-strong blades, combined with the faster revolutions, cut through dense growth easily.

Know the dangers inherent in acreage mowing

There are dangers inherent in mowing your front yard in an HOA.  Now multiply those dangers times one-hundred when talking about acreage. Flying debris is dangerous.  Rocks thrown by a tractor mower can cause serious damage to outbuilding, pets, and human beings.  Consider liability insurance when hiring an acreage mowing professional, and consider carrying liability insurance if you are starting such a business.

Hire a professional

Our apologies to the amateur out there just trying to scrape out a living, but hire a pro to do your acreage mowing. They are experienced and they can do the job quickly and safely.  How do you find such a pro? Ask around! Ask farmers and ranchers. Ask homeowners with large spreads of land. The pros are not hard to find with a little research.

Becoming a professional

And, finally, how do you become a pro if you are just starting out in this business?  Start small and work your way up the ladder. Gain a reputation doing the smaller jobs first, and then move on to the larger ones. Any tradesman must learn their job from practice, practice, and more practice.  It’s better to start small and gain an excellent reputation than it is to take on a large job you cannot handle.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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