Land Clearing Cost

In this article we will talk about land clearing cost, how it is determined, factors which will influence the cost, and finding a fair land clearing cost for your particular job.

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Now, let’s talk land clearing cost.

Let’s begin with the industry average cost

Land clearing costs, industry-wide, covering the entire continental United States, is in the $1500-$3000 range per acre.  As you can see from that rather sizeable range, it is hard to really nail down what a particular job will cost because there are so many factors which affect that price quote.  Land clearing prices, set by land clearing companies, look at several factors before giving a quote, and those factors are discussed below.

Factors which can greatly alter that average cost

The size of the lot to be cleared is the first factor.  Obviously, and logically, the larger the lot to be learned, the higher the cost will be.

But there are other factors.  Is there cement on the lot which must be broken up and hauled off? Are there small trees which must be cut down and hauled off?  Are there large boulders which must be removed? Is the land fairly level, or is it hilly?

How many different pieces of machinery will be needed (bulldozer, brush hog, etc) to do the job properly?  There is a huge difference between clearing an acre of overgrown blackberry bushes and clearing an acre of third-growth timber.

When you consider all of the different factors, it is much-less surprising that the “average” cost of land clearing falls between such a wide range.

Work with a seasoned pro and a trusted company

We cannot overemphasize this point enough if you are looking for a land clearing company: experience matters!  The top tier of land clearing companies have all the equipment needed to handle the toughest of clearing jobs. They have been there, done that, and that kind of experience means they can do the tough jobs better, and faster, than a start-up company which is learning the job on the job.

How do you find these seasoned pros?  Shop around. Ask around.  New construction sites had to have the land cleared. Ask who they hired to do the clearing. Ask the local officials in the city planning department.  Ask pipeline companies and ask utility companies.  This may take some extra time, but it will be time well-spent if it means saving you money and peace-of-mind that your job is being done properly.

Bottom line: land clearing is not something you want done by amateurs.  You may pay a bit more for topnotch land clearing companies, but it is worth every penny of it.

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