Land Clearing Services

Perhaps you are thinking about hiring a land clearing services company. Perhaps you are considering taking on the task yourself.  Whatever the case may be, this article should shine some clarity about what is involved when taking on a major land clearing task.

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Now let’s take a closer look at land clearing.

What is land clearing?

Simply put, land clearing consists of the clearing and preparation of a plot of land to be developed. A professional land clearing company can prepare the lot by clearing any overgrowth, tree removal (including stump removal), clearing unwanted rocks or other obstructions and then prepare the site to be developed.

But the clearing does not have to be for future construction.  Land clearing can also be desired by farmers looking for more land to cultivate for crops, or by ranchers looking to add grazing land, or simply to improve drainage on a piece of property or to gain access to property by the installation of a road.

How is it accomplished?

In almost all instances, in today’s world, land clearing is accomplished by the use of large machinery. It involves tractor mowing with tractor mowing equipment. It involves the use of brush hogs to clear away underbrush. It involves chainsaws and chains to tow away cut stumps.  It is a job, quite frankly, best done by professionals, but it involves the use of very large machinery and it is dangerous on the best of days.  On some of the tougher jobs, it even involves dynamite to remove large, stubborn obstacles.

What does land clearing cost

Industry costs are all over the place, so giving you a ballpark cost is the best we can do.  Generally, prices will be in the $75-$100 per hour range. Some commercial tractor mowing services and land clearing services have extensive experience with land clearing. Some do not.  How to find a reputable land clearing company? Ask around. Get references and check out those references.  Land clearing is too big a job to leave to amateurs and, quite frankly, amateurs should be nowhere near any land clearing job.

Should you try it yourself to save money?

Our recommendation would be no! The danger is real. We could tell you some real horror stories about property owners who were trying to save money and ended up in the hospital.  It may be every little boy’s dream to operate big machinery, but not every little boy grows up trained to do so safely.

The bottom line about land clearing: leave it to the pros who have the proper machinery and proper training.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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