Mowing Baseball Field Grass: Who to Call

mowing baseball field grass

Baseball season is rapidly approaching, and mowing baseball field grass is a topic on the minds of many city and park personnel.  Who should you call for the job? Who is qualified? Should you do the job yourself?

We will answer those questions in this article by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Woth area with outstanding and affordable acreage mowing. When the job is too large for the equipment and expertise you have, call Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

The reality of mowing baseball field grass.

When discussing mowing a baseball field, we should first start by mentioning the obvious: mowing the home of the Texas Rangers is a bit different from mowing the home of the Texas Pee Wees of the ten-and-under league.  Unless a city has a ridiculous amount of disposable funds available, the amount of money spent on mowing a baseball field will be in direct proportion to the importance of that team or league.

With that in mind, it may be practical for a town or community to simply do the best job possible, and the least-expensive job possible, by mowing it themselves.

Mowing baseball field grass yourself.

We have driven by small towns where the community park director is mowing the baseball field while riding a residential mower. We have seen park personnel mowing baseball fields using walk-behind residential mowers.  It is certainly possible to do those things using inferior equipment. The cut will not be as good as the cut attained using expensive equipment, and it will certainly take much longer to mow the grass that way, but if it fits in the budget, and the quality of the job is not too terribly important, then that may be the only option you have.

If this is your only option, we suggest you take the diamond approach, mowing in direction the first cut, the mowing at a 45-degree angle to that first cut on the second pass.  This will give you the cleanest cut possible, for your budget and it will give you a nice pattern in the outfield grass.

How do you find a qualified mowing service?

If you have the budget, and you can afford to hire a commercial mowing services, we then recommend that you ask neighboring towns who they have mowing their baseball complexes.  Get a list of recommendations and then interview those mowing representatives.  Match your vibe impressions with their job quote, and if it fits in your budget, you have the professional mowing company you need.

And, if you are forced to mow the field yourself, try to at least purchase the best mower possible for your budget.  Strong blades with a high-power engine will do an adequate job for you and your players.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing has been around long enough to be a trusted name among homeowners, businesses, HOAs, and city governments.  Whether it is pipeline mowing, ranch mowing, vacant lot mowing, or citation mowing, if the job is over one acre in size, and it is within a seventy-five-mile radius of Fort Worth, Keith’s is the name to remember and call.