Mowing High Grass

cutting in brush

Mowing high grass presents a particular set of lot mowing problems.  Anyone who has attempted to mow waist high grass can attest to that statement.

We can help! We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing in Fort Worth, and mowing high grass is just one of the jobs we handle easily and professionally. Give us a call at (817) 991-4318 and we’ll talk you through what we have to offer you in acreage mowing and field mowing.

Going it alone

If you have the time, patience, and proper tools, you can, of course, take on this challenge all by your lonesome.  We suggest you follow these suggestions:

  • All grass to dry before cutting
  • Cut the top layer off
  • Cut final layer, using alternating patterns

Cutting the top layer is the hard work. We suggest you use a tool commonly called a weed-whacker, a hand-held machine which cuts with a strong string whipping in a circular motion. This is tedious work and on a hot day it is a serious workout physically.   We suggest you cut to within six inches of the ground surface on this first cut.

Once that first cut is made, you can tackle the job with your lawnmower.  Cut the lawn or area in one direction first. This first cut will not cut everything, so you will have to re-cut the area going in another direction. We suggest you cut in a vertical pattern (north and south) the first time, and a horizontal pattern (east and west) the second time.

And if all goes well, your unruly, overgrown lawn/field/acreage will be back to a manageable height.

Estimated time for the job: impossible to estimate since it is based on the size of the job, but you can definitely count on three, four, five, or more hours.

Or you can call the pros like Keith’s Tractor Mowing

One hour, job done, for any job of, say, fifteen acres or less, no matter how high that grass is, if you call the pros at Keith’s Tractor Mowing for our field mowing services.

What we do:

  • Inspect the site
  • Give you a price quote
  • Bring our tractor mower to your site
  • Professionally cut your grass with a minimum of effort for you
  • Leave you satisfied and not nearly as worn-out as if you did it yourself.

We will either bring our Toro 5910 or John Deere 4320 tractor/mower out to your site, each capable of mowing multiple acres in an hour, depending on the terrain and type of vegetation, and leave you with a perfectly mowed area.

What you get with Keith’s Tractor Mowing

What you get is 25 years of experience of acreage mowing services.  What you get is one of the most trusted names in acreage mowing in the Fort Worth area.  What you get is $1,000,000 general liability insurance to set your mind at ease.  If your job is within 75 miles of Fort Worth, the name Keith’s Tractor Mowing should be emblazoned on your mind when facing “mowing high grass.”

It’s up to you!  You can either spend the better part of the day on a task, or you can call Keith’s Tractor Mowing and let us do the job quickly and professionally, while you do something much more enjoyable.