Mowing Overgrown Grass

Anyone who has attempted mowing overgrown grass, or who is considering mowing overgrown grass, needs to read this article beforehand.  We can save you a whole bunch of work and aggravation.

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Stop us if this sounds familiar

You haven’t mowed your property in weeks due to extremely wet weather, or a family emergency, or any of dozens of other reasons.  You vow to take care of it today so, quite determined, you grab your residential TORO push mower and head out to the backyard.  The grass is up to your knees.  You crank up your TORO and start mowing, making one pass on the first swath of grass.  You turn around, look at what you just mowed, and notice about half the grass in that swath was not cut and is once again standing tall, mocking you.

So you mow it again, and again, and again, and then, out of frustration, you stop and read an article just like this one.

The problem with mowing tall grass

The problem is a simple one: most residential mowers, like your TORO, are not designed to cut grass which is extra-long. The blades are not sharp enough, and the revolutions of those blades is not fast enough, to do the job properly.  Thus, on that first cut, the mower blades simply knock down many of the blades of grass, rather than cutting them.

The same thing will happen with acreage lawn mowing, or lot mowing. Without the proper equipment, you are destined to making multiple cuts to attain the quality you would attain if you had a quality, tractor mower.

Two solutions

You basically have two solutions facing you.  You can either purchase a quality, commercial mower, spending thousands of dollars for it, one with blades made from the hardest steel, sharpened to a topnotch sharpness, or you can hire one of many commercial mowers in your area to do the job for you.

What would the second option cost you?  Commercial mowers charge by the hour, and the average cost is in the neighborhood of $75 per hour.  Yes, that may seem a high price to pay, but consider that a professional, commercial mower can mow up to ten acres per hour, so depending upon your property, it could very well be worth it to you to pay the price rather than purchase your own tractor mower.

Spend now or spend later, but if you are facing overgrown grass on a regular basis, those are the facts as we know them, and we do know them.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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