Pasture Grass

Anyone who has ever tried to cut pasture grass without the proper equipment can testify how hard that job can be.

We know!  We’ve been there when we were young.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the entire Fort Worth Megaplex, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about mowing pasture grass, lot mowing, acreage mowing, or any other type of large mowing job of one-acre or more. Give us a call at (817) 991-4318.

The nature of pasture grass

Pasture grass is now like the grass on your lawn.  Push come to shove, if you have to mow your lawn, you can get the job done with a push mower. Not so with pasture grass. The composition and texture of pasture grass makes it quite difficult to cut evenly.  Those old movies you see of people out in the English countryside cutting grass with a scythe do not adequately depict just how hard that was to do.

Even a gas-powered mower has trouble with pasture grass and quite often gives an uneven cut the first time through the job.

We know!  We’ve been there when we were young!

So choosing the right equipment is a must for a pasture mowing service, and then there’s the whole problem of how often you should mow a pasture.

How often to mow a pasture

There have been countless studies about this. You will hear various theories about it based on those studies.  We have found that one mowing in June, and one mowing in August, works best to keep a pasture healthy and minimize the weeds in that pasture.  One mowing does not work well with a pasture; at least two-per-year is optimum.

Our experience at Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Through trial and error, we have finally got this pasture mowing process down pat.  It begins with the right equipment, and for all of our jobs we either use the TORO 5910 or the John Deere 4320. These are big pieces of machinery capable of mowing even ground or uneven ground, and also capable of handling multiple textures of vegetation. They can mow multiple acres in an hour. Under optimum conditions we can mow fourteen, or fifteen, acres in an hour, so wide is our cut path, and our machinery is in top condition, meaning one cut will complete the job and leave your pasture looking like a yellow-green billiards table.

What to look for in a pasture grass mowing company

Look for experience.  Look for a fair price.  Ask for references.  Make sure the company carries liability insurance, like we do at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, covering your job, and any job, with $1,000,000 general liability.  Accidents happen on any job, so it’s imperative, no matter who you hire, that they carry that type of liability insurance.

About Keith’s Tractor Mowing

We are locally owned and operated, and we’ve been mowing properties in the Fort Worth area for over twenty-five years.  You hire Keith’s Tractor Mowing and you are hiring experience and an excellent track record.  Give us a call and we’ll come out and give you a quote for your job.