Pasture Mower

What should you expect from a pasture mower, or pasture mowers, company?

That’s what this article is all about. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we’ve been doing pasture mowing service, acreage mowing, lot mowing, citation mowing, code enforcement mowing, and pipeline mowing for a long, long time.  We have the expertise and the answers you need if you are looking for a pasture mower and pasture mowing services.

What you should expect from a pasture mower company?

Let’s break it down to these main points:

  • Proper equipment
  • Experience
  • Expertise and good reviews
  • pasture mowing Cost efficient
  • Insurance

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.

Proper equipment

As mentioned earlier, we are Keith’s Tractor Mowing. We deal in big jobs in and around Fort Worth, big jobs as in one acre or more.  No two acres are the same.  You need the equipment necessary to do a quality cutting job. We have two main pieces of mowing equipment, a John Deere and a TORO, with brush hog attachments. We have done level land, we have done hillsides, we have done land littered with obstacles, and we have blazed trails for pipelines.  It is all possible when you use the proper equipment.


We feel bad about new mowing companies. We really do. We know from experience how hard it is to get a good-paying mowing gig when you are just starting out in this business, and that’s why we almost feel bad about making this statement:  you need to hire a pasture mower who has experience in cutting similar land.  Let the beginners practice on someone else’s property, not yours.

Expertise and good reviews

Ask for references and then check out those references.  You are going to pay good money for pasture mowing, so you deserve to know that your pasture is in the hands of a professional who can get the job done properly.

Cost efficient

Pasture mowing is priced by the hour. How long does it take to mow the property, that’s the main criteria in pricing.  If a company uses the proper equipment, like Keith’s Tractor Mowing, the job won’t take that long to do.  If they don’t use the proper equipment, the job will take longer and you will pay more.  We can cut up to fifteen acres per hour because of the equipment we use. Someone with inferior equipment might only be capable of mowing ten acres in an hour.  You’ll pay for that deficiency in Example #2.


At Keith’s Tractor Mowing we carry a $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy to cover any problems we might encounter on your property. We want you signing our contract with peace of mind, and we provide that peace of mind with our insurance policy.  We’ve got you covered should an accident occur, and that’s all you can ask of any mowing company.

The Bottom Line

Keith’s Tractor Mowing brings twenty-five years of experience for pasture mowing Fort Worth Dallas area to the table for any mowing job.  You should expect the same from any mowing company you hire.  Give us a call for any mowing job and we will deliver quality professionalism.