Pasture Mowing Cost

Whether you need your pasture mowed, or you would like to go into the pasture mowing service and you are curious about pasture mowing cost, this article is for you.  If you don’t find what you need in this article, feel free to call us at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. We have the experience to adequately answer any question about acreage mowing you might have.

How to price pasture mowing

There are two methods used to base the cost of lot mowing: by the hour and/or by the acre.  Either one is a valid basis for pricing, but you will find a large discrepancy in pricing within your city or geographical area.

If you are bidding on a mowing job, know this: there will always be someone who thinks your bid is too high.  Know this as well: there will always be someone who bids lower than you.  These are universal truths in contract mowing and they cannot be avoided, so be aware of them and then go about giving an honest bid which covers your expenses and allows you to flourish in business. Depending upon where you live, the per hour rate can be anywhere from $30 per hour to $50 per hour.  Again, depending upon geographical area, the per acre rate can always be within those price parameters.

Additional costs

There may or may not also be additional costs like traveling cost or whether there is brush in the pasture which will require a different type of tractor mowing equipment.

How can you be sure the price structure is fair?

There really is only one way to determine market value in any market, and that is by investigating.  If you are looking to hire for a job, call various pasture mowing companies and have them come out to your property and give a bid. Similarly, if you are going into this business, you can use the same method to discover the market price level. You could also apprentice with an established pro, but there are few willing to teach someone who will one day be a competitor, so plan on a “do not compete” stipulation if you do find one who is willing to teach you the ropes of the industry.

Bottom line

The bottom line in pasture mowing is this: you need to make a living. There will always be lower bids than yours, but that does not mean you should lower your bid so much as to be working for free.  And if you are hiring a mowing company, remember that the lowest bid is not necessarily the best bid. In fact, it is our experience that if the bid is too good to be true, it usually is.

If you need a working pasture mowed, remember that you need a professional doing the job.  And if you are just entering this business, remember that you will ultimately be judged on the quality of the job you do.  In other words, job performance will eventually outweigh job pricing.

Remember, Keith’s Tractor Mowing, THE name in pasture mowing in the Fort Worth Dallas area.

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