Pipeline Right of Way Mowing Contracts

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This article will serve as a “pipeline right of way mowing contracts” primer, the basic information you need to know if you are looking to hire commercial mowing services, or the basic information if you are thinking of entering this field as a commercial mower.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the fine people of Fort Worth with distinction.  We invite you to call us if you have questions or if you would like a price quote on pipeline mowing.

What is pipeline right of way mowing?

If your company provides energy via pipelines anywhere in the United States, you are subject to regulations set by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Any place you have a pipeline, there must also be a pipeline right-of-way (ROW). Federal code contains provisions about how to maintain those rights-of-way.

Right-of-way-maintenance is an important part of maintaining public safety and the continued, reliable operations of pipelines.

Vegetation management of right of ways

Maintaining vegetation (grasses, brush, trees) is crucial for allowing visibility of pipeline ROWs for inspections and monitoring. Vegetation management practices include scheduled mowing and brush removal, tree pruning, and brush removal using tools, herbicides, or growth regulators. It also includes tree removal, as trees are not permitted within the ROW.

Vegetation management professionals are acquainted with the various species of trees and other plants that grow in a given area. They also know how quickly the vegetation grows, and how to quickly and efficiently remove trees to prevent pipeline damage. Because there is often a need to retain some plant growth for aesthetic and environmental reasons, they make educated choices about which vegetation to remove and how to remove them. Plants growing along the ROW require approval from state or federal agencies.

Tree canopies near the ROW border must also be side trimmed regularly to facilitate aerial surveillance. Vegetation management includes identifying hazardous and dangerous trees within this area.

The frequency of vegetation maintenance will reflect the environment, for example with regard to the population density in the vicinity and the weather in a given region.

Failure to comply with pipeline ROW maintenance regulations could result in fines, which can become a drain on company resources.

Hiring a vegetation management company protects a utility company’s valuable assets and helps prevent the leveraging of fines. These results make professional vegetation management an excellent investment for utility companies.

The cost of pipeline right of way mowing

And now for the bad news of this article: it’s impossible to give general cost figure when talking about pipeline mowing contracts. Each job is different.  Prices will be based upon the equipment needed i.e. tractor mower, brush hog, etc.,, the amount of time estimated to do the job, whether there will be tree removal involved, and the distance traveled to the job site.  If you are a pipeline company looking for a general cost estimate, you really only have one choice, and that is to ask for bids and choose the best bid from the most experienced company.  Please note: we did not say the lowest bid.  You must do your due diligence, follow-up on references, and accept the most reasonable bid from a commercial mowing company with a proven track record.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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