Reasons Why DIY Land Clearing Is A Bad Idea

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For the purpose of this article regarding land clearing, we will be talking about lots of an acre or larger.  There is no good reason why the average homeowner shouldn’t tackle knocking down and removing an unruly backyard; there are two very good reasons why a property owner should not tackle clearing undergrowth and small trees on ten acres.

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And now, two reasons why doing it yourself on acreage is not a particularly good idea.

First and foremost, consider the danger

Chain saws, tractors, brush hogs, backhoes, towing chains, these are just a few of the items you will need to clear over an acre of overgrown land.  We are going to save you the gory details and not give you statistics of injury from chain saws, or the death statistics from tractors, brush hogs, backhoes, or towing chains.  Suffice it to say the number is considerable, enough to frighten even the bravest of DIYers.

There is a reason why backhoe operators are trained in a safety school before allowed to do any job for a company: if they aren’t trained properly, they are a danger to themselves and others.

Without a doubt, land clearing services are expensive.  Without a doubt, hiring land clearing companies flies in the face of the DIY movement.  But also, without a doubt, it is dangerous and one must truly ask oneself whether saving money is worth losing an arm, a leg, or your life?

Secondly, consider the cost-compared-to-quality factor

This is not meant as an insult to anyone considering a DIY land clearing job, but chances are excellent that you will not do a good or thorough job; and if you manage to do a thorough job, it will take you twice as long to accomplish the task as a professional land clearing company.  As mentioned earlier, properly operating big machinery takes training.  If you are essentially “learning on the job,” how long do you think it will take you? How important is that time to you?

A professional land clearing business can clear an acre of land in less than a day.  A novice, without any training or experience, will spend two or three days doing the same job, and then not do it as well as the professional.

It comes down to this: how valuable is your time to you?  Is it worth it to spend three days on a job that a pro could do in one?

There you have it, the two major reasons why we believe a DIY attempt at land clearing is a bad idea.  Our advice: for the big jobs, for the dangerous jobs, call the pros.

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