Signing a Cemetery Mowing Contract: Things to Know Before You Do

infor about cemetery mowing contract

It seems like a cemetery mowing contract should be pretty straightforward, right?  The mowing company agrees to mow the lawn in your cemetery, and you agree to pay a certain amount for that service.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, and you need to know about the complications before you sign that service contract.

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The nature of a cemetery mowing contract and the job itself.

Here’s the thing about cemetery mowing: It is a rather difficult and detailed job.  Tombstones present obstacles which make mowing a tricky situation.  Plant holders sticking out of the ground are more obstacles.  Tree roots which are making the ground uneven is a problem, as are flat gravestones which have risen a bit in a frost heave.

These obstacles mean the mowing job is of a start-and-stop nature.  It is literally easier to mow ten acres of pasture than it is one acre of cemetery, and that difficulty means a higher cost quote from mowing companies.  In fact, we are aware of quite a few commercial mowing services which will not take on the challenges imposed by cemetery mowing.  It simply is not worth their time to do so, and to make it worth their time, they need to charge so much that they price themselves out of the quote competition anyway.

Is the price fair in the cemetery mowing contract?

This is the question, then, if you are looking to sign a commercial mowing company.  Are they charging a fair price, and how do you really know if it is a fair price?

The only way to truly know is to gather as many job quotes as possible. It will become apparent, by doing so, what is the median cost charged for such a job.  You can count on competition to set a fair price in practically every market, so gather those job quotes, find out what the average cost will be, and then start your decision-making process regarding choosing one.

How will you know who to hire?

Back on the phone you go, asking the mowing companies for refences and, in particular, references from other cemeteries they have worked for.  Without any personal knowledge about these various companies, you are forced to rely upon the opinions of other cemetery managers.  As with any service, the cream of the crop will rise  quickly, and it will take you a few hours to gather a Top Three, three mowing companies who are continually mentioned by other cemetery managers/owners.

Armed with a list of the Top Three, you can then make your decision based on your impressions about them and whether they seem easy to “work” with.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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