baseball field grass

mowing baseball field grass

It’s Time to Mow Baseball Field Grass

March means baseball season, and it also means it is time to mow baseball field grass.

Of course, the same could be said in April, May, June, July, August, and September.  If it’s Spring/Summer, it is time to mow the baseball field, and in this article we will talk about the proper techniques for mowing a baseball field. Information brought to you by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with outstanding acreage mowing. Call us when the job is too large for you to handle, and you want it done professionally.

Obstacles when you mow baseball field grass.

Probably the biggest obstacle regarding mowing baseball field grass is a lack of know-how.  We do not mean to sound superior when we say that, but the simple fact is that to mow a baseball diamond properly, you need more than just a riding lawnmower.  You need to know how to do the job properly.

Which leads us to the next question: what does mowing the field properly mean?  Different baseball clubs, and different communities, will want the grass cut to a specific length, and the length of the infield grass will be different from the length of the outfield grass.

Again, knowledge, or lack thereof.

The only other obstacles to speak of may be sprinkler heads, but those should be imbedded in the ground and not a factor with the tractor mower blades . . . still, they are something to be aware of.

Techniques which work for the pros.

The standard way of mowing a baseball field is the diamond technique, which involves mowing the entire field in one direction, and then mowing it again at a forty-five degree angle from the first mow.  If done correctly, the finished product will have a specific pattern appearance, similar to those seen on television.  The other advantage to using this technique is that any missed portions from the first mow will almost certainly be mowed on the second run.

After both mows have been completed, it still may be necessary to walk the entire field to make sure nothing was missed.

Final thoughts about these big areas.

One final thought: before taking on a baseball field, always consult with the governing board to find out the specific lengths they want on the finished grass.  If you are a commercial mower, looking for a steady customer, it is crucial that you can deliver on your promise of meeting the customer’s needs.  If a one-inch length is asked for in the outfield, it is important that you deliver on that one inch, and the same is true of the infield.  Mowing baseball fields are a good gig for five or six months each year, but the gig will be short-lived if you cannot meet the requirements consistently.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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