mowing iwth a tractor

mowing with a tractor

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mowing With A Tractor

Mowing with a tractor falls under the category “Amateurs Need Not Attempt,” and in this article we will give you our reasons for that statement. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with affordable acreage mowing.  When it comes to the best in lot mowing in Fort Worth, Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name.

Mowing with a tractor mower.

The vast majority of homeowners and property owners have experience operating a residential lawn mower.  A much smaller percentage of that group has experience with a residential riding mower.  And a miniscule percentage of that group has experience with a tractor mower.

Why?  A variety of reasons.  Many people simply have had no reason to ever operate a tractor mower.  If you don’t have a large parcel of land, there really is no reason for you to ever climb aboard a tractor mower.  Many people understand the risks involved and simply prefer to turn that job over to professionals.  And many people do not have the money to invest in a costly tractor mower.

Whatever the reason may be, it is our opinion that the operation of a tractor mower is best left to professionals, and here is why: the average person weighs about 150 pounds. The average tractor mower weighs about 2,000 pounds. When tractor mower meets human body, bad things happen.

Training is, in our opinion, necessary.

If you have ever stood next to a tractor mower you should have some comprehension for the power of that machinery.  We are talking about very heavy blades, a very powerful motor, and very sharp blades.  One misstep, one miscalculation, and you can easily become a statistic in a hospital emergency room. That’s not hype and that’s not a scare tactic; talk to anyone who has ever worked in a hospital ER about the results they have witnessed when man meets large machine.

It is our professional opinion that without proper training, no one should operate a tractor mower, end of story. We realize that will sound self-serving, coming from a professional grass cutting company, but we would be remiss if we did not give that opinion in this forum.

Cost vs risk

The cost of owning a tractor mower is prohibitive, in the neighborhood of $100,000.  If you run a cost-benefit analysis, how often you will use that machine vs the cost factor, it might be a good idea to simply hire a professional to come in and mow your property occasionally, and that is the opinion reached by a vast majority of people who own acreage.  It simply is not worth the risk, or the price, of owning and operating a tractor mower.

If you should decide to purchase one, and do the mowing yourself, we strongly urge you to undergo training on that machine before trying to operate it.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name in the Fort Worth area. From ranch mowing to pipeline mowing to church mowing to baseball field mowing, any job over one acre in size, and within seventy-five miles of Fort Worth, is a job we will gladly give a quote on. Call us today.